TED Rules! Give your Presentations the TED Factor! - Jack Milner – MFL Global

TED Rules! Give your Presentations the TED Factor! – Jack Milner

Comedy Director at Stand Up & Deliver and Co-Founder of We Do Things Differently

80% of presentations are perceived by the audience to be mind-numbingly dull, dull, dull! filled with an intention to listen, but very quickly driven to thinking about their next meeting, or what they are going to do at the weekend, the presenter, through lack of skill, or motivation, sends their audience into another space- possibly asleep!  (Sound familiar) 20% however, engage, inspire, intrigue, and “get through” to their audience. Being able to give great presentations is an essential skill for anyone in business today.

If you are someone who has to make just one, or perhaps many presentations, and you want each one to cause your audiences to sit up, and listen to you, and you want to be able to “get through” to them and deliver the “Wow” factor, and be able command a room as a TED expert does, this is a Masterclass not to be missed!

Jack Milner


In this highly interactive and practical Masterclass, communication expert and comedian Jack Milner will share the benefit of his years of experience from the world of comedy and in the media, and will share tools, techniques, tips and strategies that will enable you to speak like a TED expert. You will learn the value of injecting humour into your presentation, and the right type of humour, and ensure that your presentations have the right levels of clarity, relevance and focus. He will also ensure that your natural TED stand up style reflects who you really are, not trying to impersonate someone else’s style.


As a result of attending this Master Class you will:
  • Learn the tools and techniques one by one, and have the chance to try each of them out
  • Learn how to focus your talk and not overload your audience
  • Learn how to avoid death by PowerPoint
  • Learn techniques to make the nerves work for you not against you!
  • Learn a persuasive energetic structure that is easy to use and remember- the TED
  • Have the opportunity to deliver your TED style presentation and receive 121 feedback from Jack

And the best take home of all, is massively increasing your personal confidence in giving presentations in the future in the knowledge that your audience will be wowed, every time!

The corporate world needs more of you!

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“Team MFL are proactive, attentive, inspirational, super professional, challenging (in a good way), supportive, there-for-you, FUN!" Jack

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Jack energised the team to such an extent they are still talking about it now! It was very refreshing to give Jack a series of briefs, and he provided exactly what we were looking for and the team had the best time ever! Jack was the perfect fit for us in advancing our teams’ skill sets. I hope we have the chance to work with him again.

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By far the best workshop I have ever attended, because the balance between learning and presenting was just right.