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Populism’s Next Frontier: Italy’s 2018 Election & Europe’s Future

At the start of 2017, possible populist election victories in France, Germany and the Netherlands were seen as the biggest threats to the European Union. However, victories by established parties initially eased investor fears and the hope that populism had receded. However, the last quarter of 2017 has seen instability in Catalonia, a right-wing conservative victory in Austria on anti-immigrant platform, the election of a new populist prime minister in the Czech Republic and the possibility of new elections in Germany.

Europe confronts another crucial electoral contest with populism as Italy, the Eurozone’s third-largest economy goes to the polls in early 2018. Italy’s tenuous political landscape has the anti-establishment Five Star Movement neck-and-neck with the ruling centre-left Democratic Party. Both narrowly trailing a possible centre-right coalition including former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, the eurosceptic and anti-migrant Northern League and the small, far-right nationalist Brothers of Italy. In the meantime, Italy’s political dysfunction, economic stagnation and lingering toxic debt continues to concern investors and the Eurozone’s future.

To understand the forces and complexities dominating Italy’s political landscape and post-electoral prospects impacting Italy and the broader Eurozone, internationally renowned global affairs expert Marco Vicenzino provides a deep insight into the rapidly changing world.  Marco is a regular guest speaker, panellist and panel moderator at international conferences, forums and institutes around the world.