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World Class Thinking – World Class Behaviour

Penny Mallory‘s latest book, World Class Thinking – World Class Behaviour is released on 23rd February 2018

This powerful book is for everyone interested in upping their game in every aspect of their life. Penny Mallory dispels the myth that elite performers are ‘special’; instead, she asserts that you possess all the qualities you need to be at the top of your game, you just haven’t discovered them yet.


This is a refreshingly straightforward and engaging approach to raising your game. You will learn how top performers think and behave in order to win. Success is not just for ‘special’ people – it’s for you.

Penny Mallory battled against all the odds to make her childhood dream come true – to become a champion Rally Driver. She tells both her own story and of others, to illustrate how you can adopt winning techniques and strategies to achieve the success you crave.