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Winter Olympics and Elite Athlete Mindset

With the Winter Olympics now in full swing, I asked Jamil Qureshi what goes through the minds of Elite Athletes when they are about to compete in these Games.



Hi Jamil, nice to have you back and I thought today I might ask you a little bit about the Winter Olympics. They’ve started. What can you tell us goes through the minds of elite athletes when they’re about to compete in such a major game?

I think as an elite athlete, it’s all about preparation, I think consistency of play comes from consistency of mind. So you have to have you thoughts in a relevant place for you to maximise your performance. These guys will be well rehearsed, they will be well practiced, they would be very well experienced. The key now is for nerves not to get to them and to allow the subconscious mind to do the performance for them.  What I mean by that is that your subconscious mind knows more about your sport than your conscious mind ever will. So the more critical we’ve become the more we think about things, you could say the more it actually inhibits us. So really what you want to do as a professional athlete or an elite athlete is to allow our preparation to take over, to allow habits to form in regard to our thinking and in regard to our doing.  So if we can keep a consistency of mind, keep thinking in a way which optimises our performance, then we have got a chance or opportunity to win some metals. So I think the key really for these guys is to not be phased by environment, conditions or meaning, but really to go back to their preparation and understand that what they’ve done over the years is hone their talent to allow them to perform on this particular day or any day that they’re looking to achieve gold medals at Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, or any of those big tournaments.


Brilliant. Thank you very much indeed.


Thank you.