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The man who cleaned millions for Pablo Escobar

For most US Government workers, a long career is a safe way to save for retirement and pay off a mortgage. But for Robert Mazur, its only reward was half a million dollars’ of hits on his head.

But then again, Mazur’s career was far from ordinary. The former US federal agent of 27 years spent five years undercover in two of the world’s most infamous drug cartels.

It was the 1980s and US authorities, after Richard Nixon’s declaration of war on the illicit drug trade, were busy trying to stem the tide of cocaine flowing in from Colombia — then among the largest exporters of narcotics in the world.

Mazur’s was part of ‘Operation C-Chase’, designed to focus on infiltrating one cartel in particular — the Medellín Cartel run by the ‘King of Cocaine’, Pablo Escobar.

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