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GDPR, Marketing and George Best

On September 14th 1963 my dad took me to Old Trafford to watch Manchester United for the very first time. Also making his debut that day was a genial young Irishman by the name of George Best.

I witnessed the beginning of something very special that day as the 17 year old Belfast boy weaved his magic on the hallowed turf for 90 minutes. Truth be told, I was hooked after just ten. And so began a life-long relationship with my local football club. You see, I was born and raised in a small mill town 7 miles to the east of Manchester. And, as any true football fan will tell you, where you’re from is an important factor in deciding which team you support.

These days, of course, it’s not just success on the pitch but also multi-million pound marketing campaigns that attract new supporters. And they’re just as likely to live on the other side of the world as the other side of the Pennines. But after May 25th Manchester United FC will need to know exactly where their fans are coming from. And this isn’t about being red or blue or owning a season ticket. It’s about the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation. You see, businesses will have to prove that customers have given their permission to be contacted by email. So if you’re concerned you might be amongst them, put aside for a moment your possible distaste of all things Manchester United and read on.

During the past few weeks I’ve received promotional emails from the White Company, Russell & Bromley and Tesco. As far as I know, I didn’t ask for any of them. In fact, if subscribing to such a list required any effort whatsoever I’m pretty sure I didn’t expend it. I take the view that if I want to buy bedlinen, shoes or groceries I’ll do just that. I don’t want to be on their lists. End of. However, I do want to be on Man United’s. Which is why, as a fan, I did go through the process to receive their emails. So how do you do it, and what do you need to know? In short, how can you position your emails so that people become raving fans?

Well my very good friends at Communicator (who send out my emails) not only have all the answers but also plenty of knowledge and experience of tried and tested techniques. Simply contact and he’ll tell you what to do and what not to do in order to comply with the new regulations. I’ll be using their great techniques myself as we approach May 25th.

And George? Well, following his debut against West Bromwich Albion, their full back and acknowledged hard man, Graham Williams, shook Best’s hand and said “Stand still son so I can have a look at your face. I’ve been looking at your backside all day disappearing up the touchline”.

If you don’t want to see your emails disappearing up the touchline best take action.

See what I did there? Best take action?

I don’t just throw these together, you know.
Ha ha ha

Article written by Phil Hesketh, one of the country’s top professional speakers on sales motivation, he both commands the attention of an audience and captures its imagination.