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Podcast with Caspar Craven – Charting Success

Each week Maria Franzoni, Speaker Bureau Director, invites one of her speakers to talk about their life, work, passions and leisure so that you can get to know the person who is the speaker behind the mic.


This week Maria’s guest on the show is Caspar Craven, entrepreneur and adventurer. Caspar believes in challenging conventional thinking on how leaders and teams become truly effective to create extraordinary results. Caspar has 30 years of experience in building teams to make things happen. Starting as an entrepreneur at the age of 14, he has built and led teams in global corporations, start-ups, struggling and high growth businesses, and on a trophy-winning world racing yacht. But his toughest challenge by far was building his family team to sail around the world with his wife and three children, then aged 9, 7, and 2.

In this week’s show Casper tells us about his first business at the age of 14 selling crabs by the sea, his amazing adventure sailing around the world with his family. What he discovered about home schooling his children and sharing the lessons he learnt on his adventure that apply to the business world. All this and more…

Significant quotes:

“What is it that you can do that really gets them engaged and passionate, and I’m going to give them the freedom to go and do that” Caspar Craven


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Next Week:

Join us next week when Maria’s guest will be award winning Business Leader, Entrepreneur, Team Builder and Corporate Trailblazer, Kevin Gaskell.