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Podcast with Amy Brann

Each week Maria Franzoni, Speaker Bureau Director, invites one of her speakers to talk about their life, work, passions and leisure so that you can get to know the person who is the speaker behind the mic.

Podcast with Amy Brann

This week Maria’s guest on the show is Amy Brann. Amy is a visiting lecturer to Manchester Metropolitan University, teaching the neuroscience of leadership on the Master of Sports Directorship Programme. She is the founder of Synaptic Potential, working with organisations to strengthen their strategy, culture, and performance. Amy is also the author of three books, Make Your Brain Work, Neuroscience for Coaches, and Engaged: The Neuroscience Behind Creating Productive People in Successful Organisations.

Amy Brann talks to us about the brain. She tells us why she thinks children should be taught about how the brain works and how it would benefit in the workplace. How we can shape our brain, why not to reply on willpower and why sleep is so important for our memory.

Significant Quote

“Learning new things these days is so easy.  We have it so good with all these apps and different resources.  The world is ripe for learning.”


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