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How often do you check your emails?

Research has shown that we check our emails between 70 and 350 times a day, which really doesn’t leave a lot of time for the deep work – the work that creates impact, value and self-worth. As tempting as the email refresh button may be, it’s time to resist, to rethink how and when we process our emails and to get back in control, by becoming an Inbox Zero Hero. To get you a step closer, here are 4 of Graham Allcott‘s favourite email tips for you!  Don’t know Graham?  He’s the Productivity Ninja!


How often do you check your emails? 11. Set Up an Email Processing Schedule

Do you feel the urge to respond to an email as soon as it lands in your inbox? Every Inbox Zero Hero knows that you get the email you deserve – the quicker you respond, the more you get! That’s why, instead of immediately replying to emails, we think you should set up a processing schedule, which will limit you to responding to emails 2-3 times a day.



How often do you check your emails? 22. Set Up Email Rules  

Besides limiting yourself to how often you check your emails on a daily basis, you can also set up email rules within your inbox, which saves you the task of manually moving emails into specific folders. You could, for example, set up a ‘priority inbox’ in your Gmail, or a ‘do not disturb, except for favourites’ rule on your smartphone.



How often do you check your emails? 33. Start Your Day Without Emails 

It’s almost a reflex to arrive at work, start up the computer and immediately dive into your inbox. Instead of letting the content of your inbox dictate what you’ll be working on in the morning – start your day by writing your to do list or tackling your biggest task first (eating the frog).



How often do you check your emails? 44. Get Your Inbox to Zero

Maybe you’ve been working a deadline or relaxing on holiday and your inbox feels a little out of control again? Get back on track in your own time by heading over to The Productivity Ninja Academy. As a Black Belt member, you’ll have access to all our eCourses, including ‘Getting Your Gmail Inbox to Zero’,  ‘Getting Your Inbox BACK to Zero’ and look out for our Outlook tutorial coming soon!

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