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Podcast with Rainer Hersch – Making Great Music with your Teams

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My guest this week is a rare beast – a stand-up comedian who for 20 years performed at some of the most famous comedy clubs and a trained conductor who now enjoys a career conducting world-class orchestras from St Petersburg to Australia.

For corporate audiences he uses these incomparable skills to discuss that most vexing of questions, ‘what does a conductor actually do?’.  And, having clarified us on that, he goes on to explain what the symphony orchestra can tell us about other complex organizations.  It’s an analogy that is amazingly rich and, as he tells it, an awful lot of fun.

With his virtuoso musicians he also runs musical team building for groups from 6 to 600 people.  It’s an experience so amazing, it has led some participants to go off to form their own choir….My guest is conductor and comedian Rainer Hersch.


Rainer Hersch is unique – he is both an internationally recognised conductor and stand-up comic who has closed the show some of the world’s most famous comedy clubs including Carolines in New York and the Comedy Store in London.

Rainer started his working life in concert agencies, managing some of the greatest artists of the world.  At the same time he developed a hobby – performing stand-up comedy on the London circuit.  Short, unpaid slots led to longer, paid appearances and gradually developed into a parallel career.  In time, Rainer realised that this was his true vocation and gave up his last straight musical job, Touring Manager of the London Festival Orchestra, to enter the world of professional comedy.

Twenty-four years later, this unique training has kept him in constant demand – combining laughter with music.  In addition, he has built up a considerable reputation as a broadcaster and presenter for the BBC and Classic FM.  He has also been consistently delighting corporate audiences with entertainments that are witty, interactive and fun.  These range from classical themed sets with his mini orchestra, corrupting well known works with hilarious effect, to pop singalongs based on classic rock hits.

Rainer Hersch will entertain and engage your audience with presentations that are sophisticated, novel, appeal across nationalities, are clean and above all funny. As a keynote speaker Rainer Hersch uses his experience conducting some of the great orchestras of the world to provide fascinating insights into leadership, teamwork and motivation.

Recorded: 5th September 2019


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