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Will authoring a book get me more and higher paid gigs with Sophie Bennett

Sophie Bennett knows the value that books bring to Speakers.  Her first book brought her in her first invitation to speak, seven years ago.  That book transformed her writing business into a speaking business.  Her second book was written specifically to take her speaking business to a corporate audience and it worked!

It’s turned her into an authority in the field of motivation, it’s helped her land major corporate clients and was the reason she was invited to become a visiting Lecturer at Cranford School of Management.  She has coached and ghost written for many other speakers too.  She ghost wrote a book on the future of technology for a previously unknown Dutch Futurist.  That book helped him to more than quadruple his speaking fees!

In this fascinating episode, Sophie shares her tips and tools for becoming an author, getting published and how this will enhance your speaking business and quite possibly enable you to increase your speaking fees.

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Increase your visibility, credibility and impact with Amy Rowlinson

Amy Rowlinson helps people launch (and relaunch) profitable and purposeful podcasts.

Amy is a leader in purpose and fulfilment with a fascination for understanding WHY people do what they do in life. She is on a mission to help entrepreneurs become values-based, purpose-driven and people-centred.  Her second global podcast, Focus on WHY, is in the Top 1% of podcasts, over 200 episodes have been released and the show is currently being downloaded in 93 countries.

Amy shares why podcasting really is worth all the effort, how to take your podcast to the next level and also how to be a great podcast guest.

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LinkedIn Company Pages Work with Michelle Raymond

Michelle J Raymond is a LinkedIn Pages specialist who is passionate about helping businesses build brand awareness to attract business opportunities using LinkedIn.  She is known in LinkedIn circles for her advocacy for LinkedIn Company Pages. With 20+ years Sales and Key Account Management experience, she has generated over $3M in revenue for the companies she represented. In this fascinating episode, Michelle shares her tips and tools for using LinkedIn and in particular creating and using LinkedIn Company pages.

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How to market yourself as an international speaker

From his early years as a successful drummer backing the world’s top acts, rising to the top one percent of salespeople worldwide, Frank Furness is now an internationally acclaimed social media master. He shares how sales, technology, social media and goal setting can all work in tandem to produce great results for organisations. Many of the world’s most successful speakers started out by attending his ‘Speakers Bootcamp’ which he runs on 5 continents. Frank will share why you can’t sell a Porsche if you cycle to work as well as marketing and social media tips, plus how working virtually has changed the world of sales.

Frank gives us insights into:

  • Social Media Tips
  • How working virtually has changed the world of sales
  • What he’s learnt from marketing lots of different products and services
  • YouTube Optimisation
  • Creating the perfect YouTube marketing video
  • New technologies for speakers

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An Ebook ‘Creating the Perfect YouTube Marketing Video

Frank’s FB Group for Speaker

How to use humour for corporate audiences

Bringing humour to speaking is no easy task and let’s face it we could all do with a few laughs right now! Greg Schwem who is more than a comedian; he is a motivational corporate comedian. Greg’s take on the 21st century workplace and work/life balance has landed him on SIRIUS Radio, Comedy Central and the pages of Exceptional People Magazine. More than just a business humourist, Greg is also an author, nationally syndicated humour columnist, TV travel host, award-winning greeting card writer and creator of funnydadinc, voted one of the top Dad humour sites of 2020. He has even shared the concert stage with the likes of Celine Dion and Keith Urban. Greg shares insights into how to use humour well in your speaking business and how he has successfully transferred his skills to the corporate market from the comedy clubs

Greg gives us insights into:

  • How he moved from comedy clubs to speaking for corporate audiences
  • How virtual has changed the way humour is used
  • Why there are so few humour speakers in the corporate market
  • How the pandemic affected his business as a humour speaker
  • What A Comedian Crashes Your Pad is all about

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Behind the scenes of a successful speaking business

James Taylor started his career managing high profile rock stars and then transformed into a keynote speaker and internationally recognised leader in business creativity and innovation. For more than 20 years, he has been advising CEO’s, entrepreneurs, educators, governments and leaders on how to build innovative organisations, unlock creative potential, and increase productivity. James shares insights into his speaking business, how he got started, where his bookings come from, how he went international, how he works with speaker bureaus and so much more.

James gives us insights into:

  • How he started his speaking business
  • How he set his fees and how this has changed over the years
  • Why he chose to be an international speaker
  • The products and services he offers
  • The continued learning experience he provides
  • Where his bookings come from
  • How he has successfully worked with speaker bureaus
  • What he’d do differently if he was starting out now

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How Quality Scoping Can Win You More Business

Mary Tillson, is Head of Speaker Coaching and Momentum for Speaking Business Academy. She helps speakers develop their content and messaging, and maximise their personal impact and delivery style to ensure that they are at all times relevant, memorable and make it easy for their audience to be able to listen to and understand them. Mary supports speakers in delivering more than “just a speech” and build on the momentum achieved from their speeches. Mary shares insights on how quality scoping can help you deliver the vital “so what” factor for your client and enable you to win more business.

Mary gives us insights into:

  • What is Scoping?
  • Ensuring your beat your competition to win the business
  • Giving your client more than ‘just a speech’.
  • The Never Asked Question
  • Controlling the Controllables
  • Tools for Scoping
  • Examples of Scoping winning more business for Speakers

Clients today are often looking for more than “just a speech”. They increasingly want implementation, not simply information and many want to see a return on their investment(ROI). Many are now looking for more interaction, Masterclasses, Workshops and for some, full programmes of learning to really embed the skills and knowledge acquired during a Keynote, back within their business.

For tips on how to take an enquiry effectively, have a read of our article which includes a summary slide here

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How to Dress for Speaking Success with Kay Korsh

Kay Korsh has been helping people refine their style for nearly 2 decades and worked with some amazing personalities along the way, like actors Lily James, Elizabeth Debicki, Riz Ahmet, Ben Whishaw, F1 racing driver Jenson Button and Musician Will Young. Kay shares some top tips that allow speakers to close the time gap between their audience looking at them and hearing their message. She will also give some useful insights about putting an outfit together, dressing for your brand, brand colours and wearing bright colours to stand out. Give your speaker wardrobe a shake-up!

Kay gives us insights into:

  • How do I dress for my brand?
  • Should I wear my brand colour?
  • Should I wear a bright colour when I speak to stand out?
  • How do I put an outfit together?
  • What are undertones?

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How to Rock the Virtual World with Tom Morley

Rockstar Activator Tom Morley has successfully pivoted his career into the speaking world from the 80’s band of Scritti Politti. From team building with 100’s of drums to transferring those skills to the world of Zoom, Tom loves a challenge and the past year has certainly given him that! He shares the ups and downs of the virtual world, what he’s learnt, how he adjusted and the positive changes he’s seen in his speaking business even through a pandemic. Guaranteed to make you smile and get out of your seat, Tom filled our studio with energy and music.

Tom gives us insights into:

  • How he converted his team building sessions to virtual when the pandemic hit and what the main differences between speaking/performing in the virtual world vs in person.
  • Changes in fees since the world went virtual.
  • The benefits of having a Speaker Manager.
  • Setting up a virtual studio and how to ensure your sound works well.
  • Embracing hybrid events.
  • Learning from mistakes.
  • Adding extra value for clients.

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