Keynote Speaker Categories – Maria Franzoni

Keynote Speaker Categories

“Speakers who talk about what life has taught them never fail to keep the attention of their listeners” – Dale Carnegie

Mark Dolan 3

Presenters and Performers

New & Noteworthy Speakers

Lead with Integrity: Value Based Leadership - Roger Steare 1

Adversity, Diversity and Inclusion

Business and Strategy


Learn How to Delegate Effectively and Free up Valuable Time to Lead - Mary Tillson

Leadership, Collaboration and Team

Communication and Negotiation

Travel Dates

Culture, Society and Demographics

Customer, CRM and Sales

Jamie Bartlett 5

Data/Block Chain

Sales and Influence - Super Charge your Sales! - Alan O'Neill 1

Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Frugal Innovation: Make Better, not More - Charles Leadbeater

Environment and Sustainability

Behavioural Economics Applied to Decision Making - Paul Craven

Economics and Finance

Future and Technology, Telecomms & Mobile

HR and Talent Management

Innovation and Creativity

Relationships: Dare to be You - Nick Davies 1

Learning and Education

Retail, E-commerce, Luxury & Fashion

Marketing, Branding and Social Media

World Class Thinking : World Class Behaviour

Motivation and Performance, Sport and Adventure

Imagine a Better Future and Make it Happen - Ed Gillespie

Politics, Current Affairs and Globalisation

Building Future Thinking into your Corporate DNA - Graeme Codrington

Psychology, Philosophy, Health and WellBeing

Risk and Security

Learning - The only Sustainable Competitive Advantage - David Price

Science and Neuroscience

Brand Strategy: Capturing the Attention your Brand Deserves - Kinvara Balfour 2

Transport, Travel and Tourism


TED Speakers