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Bringing the Skills of Stand Up and Improvisation to Communication

Jack Milner - Comedy Director at Stand Up & Deliver and Co-Founder of We Do Things Differently

Digital Readiness – Ade McCormack

Ade McCormack - Advisor on Digital Leadership, macro-economic and technological megatrends

Leadership 3.0: Mentoring and Transforming Teams For Success – Jason Ma

A Masterclass in Leading and Managing Increasingly Multigenerational, Diverse, Multicultural, and Inclusive Teams Worldwide

NEW GAME thinking and thriving in a NEW GAME world – Gordon Hewitt

Here is a scary thought to ponder.  Many executive leaders may be starting with the wrong strategic question.

I Care Leadership – Chris Roebuck

Cultivating Entrepreneurial Mindsets to Achieve Organisational Success

Standing out in a sea of noise! – Warren Cass

Warren Cass, Author & international speaker on the topic of 'Influence

Executive Communications Training – James Pearce

James Pearce, BBC's Olympics Correspondent and Sports Presenter

Dream Big – A Masterclass in fulfilling your potential and living an amazing life!

Kriss Akabusi - Olympian, Motivational Speaker and Businessman

When failure is not an option – A masterclass in Resilience – Tom and Nic Ray

Tom & Nicola Ray - Quadruple amputee with additional facial amputations as a result of sepsis and Author of Starfish

People Powered Innovation – Harnessing the Power of Us – David Price

David Price OBE - Learning Futurist and Co-Founder of We Do Things Differently

Grown-Ups Don’t Use Powerpoint – Lee Warren

Lee Warren - Co-Founder of Invisible Advantage

Becoming a pragmatic optimist – A Masterclass in achieving the improbable – Mark Stevenson

Mark Stevenson - Futurist and Author