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All Things Assertive and Being Able to Say No, Disagree and Make Requests – Mary Tillson

90 Minute Injection of Inspiration

Have you ever found yourself saying yes to something: perhaps agreeing to work yet another weekend or evening, when silently you are screaming; “ NO! ” Or perhaps you have sat in a meeting with an important client or a very senior manager, and disagreed with what you are listening to, but before you know it the meeting has ended, the action has been agreed by the room, and you remained silent.? How frustrating is that!

Assertiveness is a key factor in encouraging straightforward communication, and reducing misunderstanding and the danger of unproductive conflict. It is a communication style that naturally commands respect and enhances personal credibility, all key attributes of any manager or leader.

This 90-minute session is designed to help anyone who is looking to enhance their personal credibility, improve their communication style, and feel confident to be able to say no, or disagree, or make requests, of anyone.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • The difference between aggressive and submissive behaviours.
  • Learn a brilliant and practical definition of assertiveness.
  • Identify and then explore further your rights, and what responsibilities you have to own when exercising those rights.
  • The 4 principles of assertion and guiding principles.
  • The 6 levels of assertion from basic through to consequence assertion.
  • Learn how to say no, disagree, and make a request.
  • Try the techniques out against a real situation/person, for you and receive feedback.
  • Develop your plan of action.

Led by our very own Mary Tillson, Head of Momentum and Executive Learning.

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