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Becoming a pragmatic optimist – A Masterclass in achieving the improbable – Mark Stevenson

Mark Stevenson - Futurist and Author

The world is growing more complex, at ever-increasing speed. Our systems are failing us. Old models for education, energy generation, food supply, healthcare and much more, all designed for the last century, are struggling to keep up. Leading an organisation successfully, and maintaining a positive approach, while battered by wave after wave of change and uncertainty can feel like an impossible, and at times, exhausting struggle!

So, what does it take to succeed in an uncertain and unknowable world?

Mark Stevenson

Despite the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune we all know organisations and individuals who seem able to pivot, dance and innovate, usually with a smile on their faces. Are they just the lucky ones, or do these over-achievers have something in common? It turns out they do and Mark Stevenson knows what it is because he spends his life working with them and documenting their struggles and successes. His best-sellers An Optimist’s Tour of the Future and We Do Things Differently: The Outsiders Rebooting our World tell the stories of successful optimists from all walks of life who have prevailed against the status quo to achieve the seemingly impossible.

In this highly interactive, and experiential Masterclass, he reveals the 8 principles they share, and how you can apply them at both an individual and organisational level. Each participant will have the opportunity to explore each principle with Mark, and how they can be implemented, both personally, and at work, He will guide you, and help you develop your own plan of action.

You’ll leave feeling ready to take on the world, no matter what it throws at you!

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