Bringing the Skills of Stand Up and Improvisation to Communication

Bringing the Skills of Stand Up and Improvisation to Communication

Jack Milner - Comedy Director at Stand Up & Deliver and Co-Founder of We Do Things Differently

“Improv isn’t about cleverness training or joke training, it’s about the infrastructure of communicating and connecting.” Ed Herbstman, Forbes

An interactive workshop with Jack Milner in which we use the tools of stand up and improv comedy to enhance communication and presentation skills both within teams and with external audiences.

Jack Milner

What you will take away:

  • Enhanced presentation skills as you apply tools from stand up to business communication
  • Impro skills will enhance your ability to influence and persuade
  • Break down barriers and build connections between individuals and groups through humour, fun and laughter!

Typical workshop content:

  • Being present-fun exercises that involve the basics of improv
  • The offer – everything in improv is about the offer. Accepting and building on the offer of your audience and being clear about your offer
  • The building blocks of improv and communication: Trust, Accept, Listen and Commit. Using these skills to add value for our audience
  • Making an impact – comedy body language exercises
  • The power of passion in communication and comedy
  • Joke writing and creativity
  • Creating, finding and sharing stories, and using these in business
  • Finding your voice in stand up. Celebrating your strengths as a communicator and finding ones you didn’t know you had!

Length of workshop: 2 hours

Jack Milner provides organisations with the tools to influence, persuade and engage – whether it’s story-telling, presenting or communicating within teams. A director and writer for the West End, film and radio, Milner’s funny, insightful and refreshingly interactive masterclasses, help organisations take dry, technical information and render it clear, memorable and engaging.

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