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Squidgy skills – Essential and differentiating communication skills for managers and leaders – Neil Mullarkey

Neil Mullarkey - Comedian, Improviser, Creativity & Communication Coach and Founder of Comedy Store Players

No… not as the title suggests, something soft, spongy, and unnecessary, but a highly amusing, and at the same time, highly applicable Masterclass in essential skills that really do equip businessmen and women with an extraordinary array of essential, yet often overlooked, communication skills.

Leadership is all about the how you do the what that you do.  Being personally credible is essential and credibility is all about your demonstrated behaviour. As a leader, when you are personally most under pressure, you are most expected to behave like a leader.

Having the ability to think on your feet, and feel confident in being able to respond in any situation, positively, and without losing face and credibility, is an essential skill, and not a skill that comes easily to many. Being able to tell a story well, rather than merely dump data on an audience is a fantastic attribute and another skill that can be developed, and should be, as story-telling is the key to engaging an audience.

Help is at hand to develop these great skills, in this highly amusing, great fun, practical, experiential and extraordinary Masterclass delivered by the master of improv, Neil Mullarkey.

You will have numerous opportunities to try out all the techniques and Neil will work closely with you to help you become your own master of improv, and the skills you learn and develop during the session will serve you well not only in your current role, but are fantastic life skills that can be deployed at any time and impress any audience!

As a result of attending this Masterclass you will:

  • Learn how to think on your feet
  • Develop extraordinary listening skills
  • Increase your powers of concentration
  • Able to remain confident when faced with pressure or tricky situations
  • Able to think differently
  • Learn the skills of improvisation
  • Have the opportunity to personally try all the tools out and receive feedback and coaching
  • Become adept at storytelling
  • Become better at dealing with people, regardless of who they are
  • Walk away with easily implementable skills for use in a myriad of situations

And if this isn’t enough, we guarantee you will laugh as never before, in this super fun, but brilliantly informative Masterclass. Enjoy!

Neil Mullarkey

Neil Mullarkey

Neil Mullarkey is a unique communication expert. He studied Economics and Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge He was Centenary President of the famous Footlights, following in the footsteps of Hugh Laurie and Emma Thompson. You may recognise Neil from his performances in Whose Line Is it Anyway, I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, QI and two Austin Powers movies. He toured the UK improvising with Eddie Izzard and directed an interactive comedy whodunit in London’s West End.

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