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The Creative Power of Funny Thinking

Tim Reid - BAFTA award winning writer of Car Share

You need to gain competitive edge. You have to find innovative ideas, develop new products, come up with some compelling and brilliant new products and schemes, the pressure is on, and when you need it most, your brain has fried, and gone to dust, and you sit there, and pace the room, sit down again, and pray for inspiration from somewhere!

Sounds familiar? …  In which case this Masterclass is a definite must for you and your colleagues. BAFTA award winning comedy script writer Tim Reid will come to your rescue! Hurrah we hear you cry!

In this highly practical, experiential, and fun based Masterclass Tim will first help you understand the neuroscience of thinking creatively. He will then share with you his hints and tips for getting into a creative headspace, and being playful, is just one! (we told you this Masterclass will be fun!)

He will then share with you a range of brilliant yet simple and practical tools to stimulate thought, and creativity. You will apply these tools initially against some generic concepts, to master the tools, and then will be given the chance to apply them against real and current business challenges that you are faced with. He will also show you techniques in how to “land” your ideas in a way that influences others to “buy” them. Good stuff!

Creative Power Masterclass
Tim Reid – BAFTA Award Winning Creator and Writer of Car Share
As a result of attending this highly practical Masterclass you will:
  • Learn techniques to get into the mood for being creative
  • Learn how to use a range of tools and techniques to create innovative ideas
  • Apply the tools against a significant business challenge to develop solutions and innovative ideas
  • Learn how to “land” your idea so it gets off the ground
  • Walk away with some tangible, great new innovative ideas to take back to work and impress everyone!

And as importantly, had a whole lot of fun!

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"I know that Maria and her team will always send me to an audience that want to hear what I've got to say." Tim Reid

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Tim is the man we regularly turn to for creative or strategic inspiration. He brings a precious mix of business ‘smartness’ and ingenious thinking to every piece of work.

Molson Coors Brewing Company

Tim was very instrumental in helping us build a great international innovation pipeline.

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