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Customer Service: Leadership with Pride – Andrew McMillan

Andrew McMillan - Customer Engagement Expert

This is NOT generic leadership training. Most of you will have been on numerous leadership workshops and courses and have numerous skills and tools in your toolkit already. This Masterclass is different. This brilliant, interactive, thought provoking, and practical Leadership Masterclass, delivered by Andrew McMillan, who has 28 years of experience leading the Customer Experience for John Lewis shows you how to adopt an “inside out” approach to leading exceptional, sustainable customer service within your organisation.

If you want your teams to be proud of what they do, proud of your brand, believe in what they do and deliver sustainable exceptional customer service, the starting point is with you! You need to have tremendous self-belief that you can lead, and be able to create the bandwidth, time and opportunity to fully engage with your teams. So many of us get bogged down in day to day process and spreadsheets, and “managing” and have no time for the important leadership stuff.  So much time is wasted doing what we have always done, our norm, which if we were to take a closer look at, no longer adds any value and eats up that invaluable bandwidth time.

To lead for success, you have to be confident to challenge, to say no, to believe in your ability as a leader, and be able to inspire, and to fully engage with your teams.

If you want your folk oozing with pride to work for your organisation, and your customers consistently raving about the quality of customer service they get, then this Masterclass is a must!

Customer Service Expert
Andrew McMillan


As a result of attending this Masterclass you will:

  • Explore your purpose. Do you know it? Do your teams know it? Do they know what is expected of them to deliver on that purpose?
  • Undertake some analysis exercises to consider the activities you and your teams do routinely. Do you know why you are doing them? Which have become “norm/habit”? Which ones can you STOP!
  • Found ways to create that necessary bandwidth, headspace and time to be able to lead and engage with your teams
  • Discover and develop some new leadership skills and useful tools to help you overcome the global challenges of good leadership in business
  • Develop an action plan for you and your teams

And importantly you will leave this Masterclass feeling empowered in your role as leader, confident and filled with self-belief in your ability to lead your teams to be brilliant!

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The Inside out approach to leading your teams to deliver exceptional, sustainable, effective customer service

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It was great to have an added dimension on customer experience from a speaker as credible and experienced as yourself.


Andrew was really engaging and insightful and delivered exactly what we wanted.

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