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Dealing with Tricky Behaviour from Colleagues and Clients – Mary Tillson

90 Minute Injection of Inspiration

Dealing with tricky behaviour from colleagues and perhaps clients is not much fun, is it? It is energy sapping, time consuming, unpleasant, and can seal the mood for the rest of the day. Not the best conditions for a successful day in the office!

There is always a reason for behaviour. This is a useful “mantra” to remember.

People are not born difficult. Anyone of us can be perceived as and behave “difficult” if certain conditions exist. (Maybe your train was late so you missed an important meeting, a deadline has been pushed forward and you have no available staff, client shifts the goal posts, the IT is not working, just when you need it most, and a myriad of other irritants “infect” our day)

The more we understand why people might become difficult, what some of the drivers are, the easier it is to deal with them, and remain objective in our response. Then, having some techniques in our personal toolkit, to be able handle “difficult” people, and eliminate conflict and discord, is really useful.

This 90-minute session is designed to equip anyone with a deeper understanding of the drivers of tricky behaviour, and then fill their toolkit with some really useful tips and techniques to be able to deal, with difficult people and improve the quality of the relationship.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • The various drivers of difficult behaviour and increase your understanding of why someone might be being difficult with you
  • How to remain objective when faced with tricky behaviour, thus reducing the likelihood of escalating conflict
  • A range of practical tips, tools and techniques to diffuse conflict and misunderstanding and enable you to recover the situation and often, the relationship
  • How to communicate well with someone with the opposite personality profile to you
  • Develop your action plan and strategy for dealing with the specific people you find difficult

Led by our very own Head of Momentum and Executive Learning, Mary Tillson

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