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Learn How to Delegate Effectively and Free up Valuable Time to Lead – Mary Tillson

90 Minute Injection of Inspiration

Delegating or maybe just dumping?  Now that’s an interesting question.  So many managers and leaders we have worked with over the years confess to being reluctant to delegate for any number of reasons. Lack of trust, a belief they could do it better, they can’t risk unleashing a team member on a major client account, or it’s just quicker to just do the task themselves, and many have said they enjoy doing the task in hand so retain it for themselves to name but a few reasons!  Sound familiar?

All these perfectly typical reasons create a real longer-term headache however for a manager. Their workload increases, their stress levels increase, and they are so busy “doing the doing”, they don’t have time to do the leadership stuff, and so when the pressure becomes too much, they are forced to dump tasks on their staff!

Learning how to delegate effectively is a brilliant skill and discipline for any manager to develop. The benefits to all are substantial, and in our view, this is a one of the most important skills any manager should have in their toolbox.

This 90-minute session is designed to help managers and leaders overcome their reluctance to delegate, learn the skills of effective delegation, and appreciate the value add for all, in so doing.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • Being clear about the difference between delegating and dumping.
  • Considering 5 questions you should ask yourself every time a piece of comes into your team.
  • Determining what effective delegation looks like.
  • Learn how to set your team member up for success.
  • Compiling your strategy and approach for effective delegation.
  • Identifying the benefits for you in learning to delegate.
  • Identifying what needs to change about your current approach.
  • Develop your action plan for future delegation.

Led by our own Head of Momentum and Executive Learning – Mary Tillson

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