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How Dirty Money Moves – Robert Mazur

Robert Mazur - U.S. Customs special agent who led one of the most successful undercover operations in U.S. law enforcement history

This Masterclass is presented in two sessions by New York Times bestselling author Robert Mazur. He shares in‐depth knowledge about money laundering methods and rarely detected red‐flags that can unmask the most sophisticated laundering techniques. He expounds on events featured in his book, The Infiltrator, and demonstrates how the secrets shared with him by the world’s sleaziest bankers and most powerful organised crime figures breathe life into many of today’s highest profile money laundering scandals. These two sessions leave no doubt why Hollywood embraced Robert Mazur’s experiences as the basis for the internationally released film by the same name, starring Bryan Cranston.


Mazur shares his real‐life experience as an underworld money launderer. He provides detail about how he infiltrated Pablo Escobar’s Medellin Cartel and a complicit international bank as a money broker. He explains, in detail, the techniques offered by a corrupt international bank to attract deposits from specific types of customers (drug traffickers, illegal arms dealers, sanction busters, tax evaders, pilferers of treasuries, etc.) possessing money seeking secrecy from governments. He intricately explains the role he played, along with dirty bankers and businessmen, in the black money markets, an activity that lives on in the underworld today. He enlightens the audience about how black money markets work, and how black money market operators launder billions in illicit funds through trade based transactions.


Mazur dissects issues about negotiable instruments that flow through black money markets, and how a close examination of these instruments reveals important red‐flags. Mazur demonstrates why many of these red‐flags are immune to detection by anti‐money laundering software. This session includes discussion about current day techniques used to launder money around the world. Mazur exposes techniques and jurisdictions most often used to block transparency (e.g. techniques seen in The Panama Papers). The types of businesses, products, geographic areas and transaction patterns often linked to money laundering risk are reviewed. A discussion about two of the more recent high‐profile money laundering cases serves as a springboard for discussion about trade based money laundering risk related to Africa, Venezuela, the Middle East and China. This presentation includes a discussion about cyber enabled crime and several cryptocurrency related money laundering cases that suggests illicit profits from certain cybercrimes (e.g. tax refund fraud, ransomware peddlers, hackers, dark web drug traffickers, etc.) are more frequently seeking haven in the digital currency world, and why the hundreds of billions in annual drug trafficking profits are not likely to follow that path.

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