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Dream Big – A Masterclass in fulfilling your potential and living an amazing life!

Kriss Akabusi - Olympian, Motivational Speaker and Businessman

Is there any other way if we are to live fulfilling and rewarding lives? Olympic Athlete Kriss Akabusi doesn’t think so. In this Masterclass, he explains why “Dreaming Big” is so important if we are to live amazing lives and fulfil our potential, and as importantly, teaches you how.  We aren’t here forever, and some might say, we are gone tomorrow.

Kriss is passionate about helping people determine their Big Picture, and consider what their legacy will be – we only have one crack at life, and there isn’t a moment to be wasted!

In this enlightening, motivational and practical Masterclass, Kriss will also work with you to identify and consider your limitations and then with you, explore what stands in the way of you achieving your greatness. Many “poo poo” the notion of spending time developing these softer skills. In our experience, these people rarely go on to achieve their greatness, and are missing out on so much, both personally and professionally.

Kriss’ ethos is “All of us know more than any one of us” and within the group, delegates will see the similarities that make them champions and the differences that make them unique.

In this Masterclass, you will:

  • Be given the opportunity to be introspective about your life
  • Learn techniques to “Dream Big”
  • Develop a realisation and clarity of what your Big Dream is
  • Develop strategies and techniques to achieve your Big Dream
  • Identify your limitations and then develop your strategy to overcome them
  • Unearth a latent talent within yourself and reconnect with life passionately and live a life of purpose.
  • Learn a range of tools to enable you to be purposeful and mindful about your life

And best of all, will walk out feeling 10 feet tall in the certainty that you now have a plan to achieve your greatness! That can’t be bad!

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