Engaged, Motivated, Productive Employees - Adrian Furnham – Maria Franzoni

Engaged, Motivated, Productive Employees – Adrian Furnham

Adrian Furnham - Professor of Psychology at The University of London

A Masterclass in understanding how to attain engaged, motivated, productive employees.

If your employees are satisfied, motivated, involved, hard- working, committed and clearly happy as they go about their daily work, your productivity levels are high, and your customer satisfaction scores make enjoyable reading, then this Masterclass may not be for you. These are the hall marks of an engaged employee, and it sounds like you have nailed employee engagement!  But, if these descriptors are not evident, despite your best efforts, and you seek to redress this, then this just might be a useful Masterclass for you to attend.

There is a clear relationship between the way managers lead and levels of employee engagement. Engagement effects productivity, and increased productivity will inevitably see a rise in profitability. Engaged employees make discretionary effort, go the extra mile, feel valued, and clearly demonstrate a passion for their work. Having a team of satisfied employees is great, but having a team of engaged employees is a whole different ball game and the rewards for all immense.

Engaged, motivated, productive employees
Adrian Furnham

In this interesting, interactive, practical and thought-provoking Masterclass, Professor Adrian Furnham will share with you the difference between job satisfaction, commitment, and engagement, and show the relationship between engagement and productivity. You will learn a range of techniques to help you increase the levels of motivation, and consider whether special people need special packages. Additionally, he will share with you techniques to motivate people when times are tough.

As a result of attending this Masterclass you will understand:

  • The meaning of job satisfaction, commitment and engagement
  • How to measure engagement in your staff
  • How to apply motivational techniques that work
  • How to train your managers in motivational methodology
  • How to design inexpensive and effective reward strategies
  • Simple but effective strategies to motivate staff

Adrian Furnham has been Professor of Psychology at University College London since 1992. He travels abroad frequently and is much sought after as a motivational speaker – being nominated by HR Magazine as one of the “Most Influential People” in HR.

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"If you have talented and motivated people, they should be encouraged to work alone when creativity or efficiency is the highest priority." Adrian

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