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Engagement out of the Box – Jon Duschinsky

Jon Duschinsky - Leading Social Innovator and Entrepreneur

What is Engagement out of the Box?

Engagement out of the box is a fun, challenging and very meaningful masterclass experience designed especially for high performing executive and leadership teams in companies that value the power of innovation and creativity.

Why do I need it?

Do you have enough customers? Are enough people engaging with your company? If you were on primetime TV tomorrow for 30 seconds, would you know what to say to give every viewer goosebumps? No, then you need Engagement out of the Box, because that is exactly what it will deliver for you. Tell me more…

In half a day, you will understand the power of Out of the Box Engagement thinking. You will be challenged to look at your business differently and develop a plan to grow your client base and make your company more inspiring and connected. By the end of this session, you’ll have created three things that will be transformative for your business:

– Your Passion Platform: words that express what you stand for that give your stakeholders something they can passionately engage with

– Your Big Idea: that will turn your stakeholder into fans and ambassadors for your company

– Your Route to Market: a plan to take your Big Idea to market and get more people behind you

This sounds exciting…who should be there?

This masterclass experience works best with teams of people who share similar levels of responsibility in your organisation. It is tailored to each specific group, to fit just as well with senior leadership as with cross-disciplinary teams or top performers.

Engagement out of the Box
Jon Duschinsky

This masterclass is led by Jon Duschinsky, a leading thinker and speaker on engagement, leadership and the future of business. He believes passionately that today’s consumers will only support those brands and companies who stand for something they care about. And companies that ignore this do so at their peril.

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