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Executive Communications Training – James Pearce

James Pearce, BBC's Olympics Correspondent and Sports Presenter

A Masterclass in developing executive gravitas and delivering messages that are listened to and acted upon.

Leadership is about the how you do the what that you do. It is about behaviour. It is about communication. Executives are the voice of their company, the public face of their organisation, and are expected to be a role model for their employees. They will be quoted, reported, challenged, held up to scrutiny, and assessed and judged by their audiences the world over. Their words will be analysed and nit-picked over, their body language and actions will be commented upon and they will be in the media spotlight. They are expected to deliver compelling messages that are memorable, and importantly, the right message. They are expected to deal effectively with tough and challenging questions and maintain gravitas and credibility always, no matter the pressure they or their organisation are under. These skills they need to deploy 24/7.

A daunting list of skills and attributes I think we would all agree!

If these are some of the skills that you or the Executives in your organisation are seeking to strengthen, or even develop from scratch if you are new to an Executive role, then look no further than this highly practical, engaging and hands on Masterclass delivered by the Award- winning correspondent and the face of BBC News’ Olympic reporting, James Pearce.

James will bring his wealth of experience and years of front line reporting and broadcasting into this Masterclass together with his passion for the topic, to help you develop each of these essential skills and more. It is highly practical, and each participant will be stretched and challenged, given feedback and will receive 121 coaching. In our view, it is a Masterclass that really does make the difference.

As a result of attending this Masterclass you will:

  • Learn top tips on how to sell yourself in any situation to any audience
  • Develop techniques to make your conversations memorable
  • Learn how to deliver the right message, not just a message
  • Develop the ability to tell and sell compelling stories
  • Learn strategies to handle tough questions
  • Discover how to be a credible force in Board meetings, and panel discussions
  • Have the opportunity to try the techniques against real situations for you
  • Receive feedback and 121 coaching from James to help you achieve your personal goals

And if this isn’t enough, you can be sure James will share some fabulous insights into all things Olympics, and from the world of Sport, and politics!

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I attend numerous conferences, and James Pearce's talk on communications is the single standout speech from all that I have ever seen. It's not often that you leave a conference with your mind opened up to a whole new way of thinking. This is going to improve the way that I communicate with clients and colleagues, and I am so excited to be able to put some of these ideas into practice. Howarth Timber and Building Services

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