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When failure is not an option – A masterclass in Resilience – Tom and Nic Ray

Tom & Nicola Ray - Quadruple amputee with additional facial amputations as a result of sepsis and Author of Starfish

The business world in which we all operate is changing fast. Every day organisations are faced with disruptors that threaten success. How do we react when the game changes, when the unthinkable happens, or when disaster strikes?

This is not a masterclass in corporate strategies. nor is it a change management workshop. This is real life. This is different. It is a masterclass in the human side of reacting to disruption, and how, despite everything that the world can throw at us, with some mindful techniques and approaches, we can beat the odds and come out the other side stronger and more resilient. It helps employees find a creative personal pathway through change, so they can remain consistently strong, defiantly positive and expertly focused on performing.

This at times humbling and mind-blowing masterclass delivered jointly by the inspiring Tom and Nic Ray, is designed to help individuals and teams find their own pathways and approaches to becoming more resilient and confident when coping with disruption and change. Tom & Nic will share their extraordinary story after their lives were transformed by sepsis and the lessons they have learned over the last two decades, which we can all apply to our day to day lives.

As a result of attending this Masterclass you will:

  • Have time to reflect on the challenges in your life-personal and professional (in confidence)
  • Explore the concept of resilience
  • Develop a deep understanding of how important resilience is at work and at home
  • Discover the key ingredients and skills for remaining resilient
  • Develop a well-defined value system
  • Understand how you can develop and encourage resilience within a team and with family and friends
  • Learn about developing your personal plan of action
  • Consider impending changes or likely disruptors and identify ways in which you can minimise their impact using the skills you have heard about in this workshop

And if this isn’t enough, simply hearing Tom & Nic’s story will help you put life’s challenges into sharper perspective.

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