Jennifer Vessels Future Ready Sales for Sustainable Growth

Future Ready Sales

For Sustainable Growth

In a world of rapid change, disruption and global giants penetrating all markets, achieving revenue and profitability in new ways is critical for sustainable growth. While high valuations, large data pools and a strong brand can drive company valuation, sustainable growth requires income from customers, partners and the market. This means a future-ready sales process is more important now than ever before.

To address today’s customers’ (individual, company or government agency) needs, the Future-ready sales process is built from the buyer and influencers’ perspectives. It considers buyers’ alternative options, new pricing and business models, opportunity costs and long-term customer engagement. This is future ready sales – more than Sales 3.0, Challenger, SPIN – t is a proven way to build a sustainable revenue stream for future growth

During this interactive master class, participants will:

  • Gain new perspectives and commitment to shift mindset and actions to drive future-ready sales
  • Learn proven ways to qualify, engage and compel the right prospects to say yes
  • Evaluate and prioritise potential and current customers based on potential return on investment
  • Build confidence delivering powerful messages to win customer commitment
  • Become future-ready sales professionals

The master class is offered by Jennifer Vessels, based on her 30 years of sales experience in technology, industrial and service industries.  Jennifer’s career started with insurance sales, after which she led Global Sales for UB Networks and Tandberg (now a Cisco company) in US, UK and Europe.   After building Tandberg US, Jennifer founded Next Step in Silicon Valley.   She and her team with Next Step led the business transformation for Adobe, Cisco, LiveNation and Avinor.  Over the past 12 years, she has led, facilitated and coached sales leaders in Adobe, Autodesk, Avinor, CDW, Microsoft, LiveNation, Netflix, Schneider Electric and others in Future-Ready Sales.

All courses are customised around the audience needs and include examples, best practices and practical tools proven to enhance future-ready sales success for similar organizations.

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