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Grown-Ups Don’t Use Powerpoint – Lee Warren

Lee Warren - Co-Founder of Invisible Advantage

Presenting is an essential business skill and you are expected to be good at it. Most business presentations, however, are somewhere between dull and insanely dull – even worse, they don’t get their point across and just waste everyone’s time.

Many people think that presenting is about ‘performing skills’ but in fact, it’s about delivering a message that affects the audience, and gets them to act on it.

“A highlight …engaging, fun, and very, very useful” Deloitte

In this fun, practical and interactive masterclass, Lee Warren guides everyone through the process that a presenter needs to get right to deliver a great presentation:

As a result of attending this Masterclass you will learn:

•    How to craft a compelling presentation that gets results

•    How to ‘hook’ an audience – every time

•    The ‘presentation mistakes’ almost everyone makes, and how to avoid them

•    Theatre skills that everyone can use quickly to conquer nerves and deliver a great presentation

•    How to ‘get into your audience’s head’

•    How to deal with questions

•    How to avoid ‘Death by PowerPoint’

“The work that Lee provides delivers immediate results – it’s practical, relevant and engaging …”                       Head of Marketing and Customer Strategy, Leading Global Insurer

This session is based on the real-world experience of a professional presenter and performer and is packed with tips and techniques to avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’. By the end of this session, you’ll never think about presenting in the same way again!

This session is perfect for anyone who has to present, and even experienced presenters will learn something new.

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