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Humanistic Principles and the Happiness Lab! – Jon Duschinsky

Led by Jon Duschinsky - Leading Social Innovator and Entrepreneur

No, not some fluffy tree hugging, loose, vague and meandering session but a Masterclass with real teeth. An opportunity to learn ways to affect the greatest positive outcome for your colleagues, your company, yourself. Defining your personal brand, your corporate brand, defining your principles, driving your outcomes, your future. Happiness! Putting a smile on your face.

At MFL we work with 100s of individuals, and organisations, and we listen to what people tell us, and we recognise that so many people in the business community suffer from varying degrees and shades of unhappiness. Many have shared with us how much they struggle with constant change, the constant demands placed on them, the pressure to constantly achieve, deliver, succeed.  Many tell us they have “lost their way, lost their “Mojo”. We really want to help them and you get your happiness and Mojo back, and that is why we have put this one into the mix. And if you are happy, your boss will be happy! A win-win.

There are four basic premises upon which we all probably agree:

  1. Happiness comes from within – we cannot tell anyone to be happy, they have to find it within themselves.
  2. Businesses are about making money
  3. Unhappy employees = disengagement, attrition, drop in performance, stress issues
  4. Happy employees = motivation= performance

When you came to work today, and as you walked through the office, how many people did you notice smiling, or laughing, energised, and seeming to be genuinely happy as they went about their day?  (What did others observe in you?) If everyone was, then this probably isn’t the Masterclass for you.

If, however, you and your colleagues have become stuck in the mire and churn of produce, perform, achieve, cut costs, make profit, satisfy shareholders, more perform, make money, and more money… (sound familiar?) then this probably is the Masterclass for you!

Happiness masterclass
Jon Duschinsky

“Happiness” sadly, cannot be bought from the local supermarket, (although never say never!) but you can discover the secret of it, and tactics to achieve it, both personally and across your company, by attending this fabulously engaging, experiential, and practical Masterclass delivered by Jon Duschinsky.

As a result of attending this Masterclass you will:

  • Really understand Happiness and the science and history behind it
  • Explored the benefits for your organisation in developing “Happy”
  • Determine what you stand for in the world – achieve certainty about your principles, your brand, your corporate brand (We know that business stand for making money)
  • Develop actions that will allow others to stand with you, and do things because they want to do, not have to do
  • Give you the tools to change others into ambassadors for Happiness within your organisation
  • Determine and develop your own Happiness strategy and plan of action

And best of all, you will leave feeling Happy!

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"You can have the best products in the world, but if people don’t care then you are doomed to failure”. Jon

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He supports you in holding up a mirror to your organisation and challenging you to take ownership of the change you want to be in the world.

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Planning our session was simple and headache-free, and your delivery on-site absolutely hit the mark.

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