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Improve your Improv

Welcome to the world-famous Comedy Store, home not just to great stand-up comedy but to the world famous Comedy Store Players, co-founded by Mike Myers (Shrek, Austin Powers and Wayne’s World), Paul Merton and Neil Mullarkey. You will learn the skills that you so admired on Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Anybody can learn these skills – they are deceptively simple. Indeed, the basic exercises were developed not as a form of theatre but by a social worker in 1920s Chicago. She was helping deprived children find their voice. It was her son that developed them into a form of entertainment, which is now performed all over the world. You will have lots of fun. These skills will stand you in good stead in your speaking career and beyond.

This workshop is for you if you want to:

·      Feel more confident in moments of uncertainty

·      Create rapport more quickly and authentically

·      Find ways to use improv to enhance your ability to influence, to sell, to be more in the moment, to be creative and collaborative

What you’ll get:

·       Hands on experience of the skills and drills of improv

·       Advice and support from one of the world’s leading improv practitioners

·       Discover more about yourself and how to use improv as a people skill

·       A lot of laughter

·       Learn how to deal with tricky questions

·       Learn the importance of ‘intentive’ listening

·       Understand improv can help in other areas – e.g. writing

Improve your Improv workshop is run by Neil Mullarkey

Neil Mullarkey 3Neil Mullarkey’s credits include Whose Line Is it Anyway and two Austin Powers movies. He still performs with the Comedy Store Players, Europe’s top improv troupe, which he co-founded in 1985 with Mike Myers (of Austin Powers,Shrek and Wayne’s World). Their longevity has been recognised by the Guinness World of Records. He started out at Cambridge University, where he was president of the Footlights. Since 1999 he has been bringing the skills of theatre and especially improv to public and private sector organisations large and small across the globe.

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“Thanks again for your excellent session yesterday. I’ve been running / attending those sorts of conferences for longer than I care to remember, but your session was the best of its type I’ve seen (which I don’t say lightly). Lots of the team approached me after the event to say how much they enjoyed it.” Redrow Housing

“On behalf of the Vodafone global legal team, a HUGE thank you for preparing and delivering what was a truly fantastic session on communication (‘Make Friends and Interest People’). The feedback has quite frankly been the best we have ever had compared to any other training event. I’ve heard words and phrases such as ‘amazing’, ‘so simple yet so effective’, ‘an inspirational speaker and an inspired choice’, ‘great fun’ and ‘huge impact’ time and time again – all of which is in addition to the laughter generated during your session; not easy I suspect when faced with a room of around 100 lawyers!” Vodafone Group Services