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Leadership 3.0: Mentoring and Transforming Teams For Success – Jason Ma

A Masterclass in Leading and Managing Increasingly Multigenerational, Diverse, Multicultural, and Inclusive Teams Worldwide

The future of work and talent has arrived, and change is not only constant but also accelerating. Worldwide, the growing impact of technologies (especially AI), digital transformation, globalisation, diversity, intergenerational and demographic shifts, as well as the changing nature of careers and the “gig economy,” are raising people’s and companies’ productivity and connectivity. But these factors, geopolitical turbulence, educational system issues, and other causes are also increasing anxiety, stress, fear, and already intense competition. Linear career conformity and political correctness don’t work well anymore. To effectively navigate through the world’s ever-changing market and talent dynamics, executives and managers must rethink and enhance how they lead their workforce, especially Millennial and Gen Z achievers.

Jason Ma 1Leadership 3.0 is about honing both your own and your team’s outcome-focused and purpose-driven vector, story/mindset, strategy, soft skills (including quick learnability, agility, adaptability…), and state, as well as your own pragmatic emotional, social, and leadership intelligence. A secret to team success is your mentorship quality – your own practical wisdom, compassion, and how you inspire and guide your teammates to strengthen team culture and dynamics, enhance individuals’ growth mindset, skill sets, and happiness / relationships, and deliver stronger outcomes and ROI. How prepared are you in taking on “Leadership 3.0”?

Let preeminent success coach/mentor, C-suite strategic advisor, and masterclass leader Jason Ma immerse you on why, what, and how.

Value and expected outcomes

The participants, from corporate managers to C-suite executives, will:

●      Sharpen how to relate to and manage increasingly multigenerational, diverse, multicultural, and inclusive teams worldwide

●      Take their own pragmatic emotional, social, and leadership intelligence to a next level

●      Get tips on how to enhance team relationships, productivity, and ROI at work, as well as joy and relationships in family

●      Learn to become a leader that Millennials and (digitally ultra-savvy) Gen Z’ers would love to work with—aligned with your vision and mission—and their needs and quirks

●      Learn “tricks of the trade” of effective and compassionate mentoring—and reverse-mentoring

What is covered?

Depending on the event planner’s needs, this masterclass ranges from 1 to 4 hours in content, delivery, and modalities that will most effectively inspire and galvanise the given audience. Jason is flexible and cares most about delivering the greatest outcomes for the audience. After or during a short speech for each session in the masterclass, Jason will lead a quick in-room exercise. Then he’ll walk around the room “uncaged”, listening and responding to, interacting with, and immersing the audience in his powerful and energising teachings. The sessions in the masterclass can include some to all of the following:

●      The Future of Work – Key trends observed as a leading member of the Employment and Education Task Force of The B20 with The G20 since 2014 to present

●      The Mindsets of Millennial and Gen Z Achievers – You’ve got to know this!

●      Leadership 3.0 – Honing both your and your team’s outcome-focused and purpose-driven vector, story/mindset, strategy, soft skills (including quick learnability, agility, adaptability…), and state, as well as your own practical emotional, social, and leadership intelligence

●      Culture Can Eat Strategy – What you can learn and apply from Google, which is always rated #1 for company culture

●      The Art of Mentoring – Secrets on how to be a visionary and compassionate mentor and leader, who effectively inspires and guides both young and elder colleagues and staff.

The most successful people have had great mentors and coaches. Learn to unleash the quality mentor in you for your company’s and your leadership success!

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