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Leadership the Formula One Way – Mark Gallagher

Mark Gallagher - Co–owner Status GrandPrix racing team formerly with Jordan Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing and Cosworth

In Formula One teams, 90% of the team work behind the scenes. Only 10% “go to the races” but without the 90% the 10% cannot succeed. The team behind the team, is key.

Formula One has non-negotiable deadlines. We are all familiar with ‘split second timing’ in pit stops, but this discipline and approach also applies to never missing deadlines The Grand Prix season and racing schedule is fixed. Imagine if a Formula One team turned up 2 days late for a race!  This pressure, demands that the teams operate at the highest levels of efficiency.

A Formula One team is a medium sized manufacturing business, with up to 900 full time staff operating across a wide range of functions and disciplines. Cross functional alignment and common goals are essential. Over the years Formula One teams have learned from their mistakes, built on their successes, and have developed winning team strategies and behaviours.

Success and failure is part of the appeal of Formula One; our successes and our failures are very public, and every 2 weeks, resilience in the face of adversity, continuous improvement, a learning culture where we celebrate our successes and learn from our failures is part of what makes for success.

The business world can learn much from the world of Formula One

In this high octane, engaging, interactive, entertaining and practical Masterclass, Mark Gallagher, who has operated at the heart of Formula One for many years, shares brilliant insights into just how the most successful Formula One teams have achieved their success. He will also share some amazing video footage, anecdotes, and examples that bring his messages to life. You will discover what the main attributes are that bind successful, race winning teams and how these attributes enable Pit Stop perfection.  Mark will work with you to explore each of the Attributes what they mean and how you can develop them within your own teams.

If you want to learn some fantastically useful and inspirational leadership tips and techniques that will enable you to seriously improve the performance of your team, then this Masterclass is for you.

As a result of attending this Masterclass you will:

  • Discover the 10 key Attributes that are common within winning Formula One teams
  • Explore each of them fully and consider how they can become part of your team’s DNA
  • Have the opportunity to see numerous examples of excellence in action
  • Develop your own “Pit Stop Team Perfection” plan
  • Identify the leadership behaviours that enable teams to be successful

And if you ever wondered what a tea maker called Dave, learning how to ride a scooter in your lunch break, and living in Scotland has to do with helping Damon Hill win the French Grand Prix, then this is definitely a Masterclass not to miss if you want to find out!

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"Working with the MFL Executive Learning team has enabled me to create a more refined and targeting masterclass for clients eager to take away authentic and meaningful lessons from my insights into the world of Formula One motor racing. Since they take the time to fully understand the requirements of both the clients and speakers, the end-result is much more impactful and value added.”

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