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Leadership Styles and how to Adapt your Style to Suit the Situation – Mary Tillson

90 Minute Injection of Inspiration

Ignore your high performers at your peril. This is really good advice! So often, managers become over reliant on high performing individuals, and wonder why they quit, or lose their “mojo”. Using the wrong leadership style can cause stress, or potentially trigger aggression and frustration from a team member. It is really important that leaders are able to adapt their style and approach to suit the individual and the situation.  A new starter, for example will require a very different leadership style to a more seasoned high performing employee.

This 90-minute session is designed to help managers and leaders increase self-awareness of their leadership style and increase understanding of the impact different styles have on productivity and performance.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • What impacts motivation and willingness to complete a task
  • What impacts skill and ability to complete a task
  • The stages of employee development and impact on their ability and willingness to complete a task
  • Understand the psychological impact and behaviours associated with different development levels
  • The different types of leadership styles and which one to use and when
  • Assess your team members and determine the required leadership style for each and build your plan of action for them

Led by Mary Tillson our Head of Momentum and Executive Learning.

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