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MasterThief – Stealing with pride! – Hamish Taylor

Hamish Taylor: Known as "The Masterthief" - for his ability to 'steal' ideas from other industries.

A Masterclass in creating exciting breakthroughs and increasing business growth

Putting your customer at the centre of everything and challenging the normal way of doing things lies at the heart of this Masterclass. Emerging with a strategy for personal or business growth stimulated by rethinking your approach to your customer offering, the key output. Hamish Taylor, in this energised, compelling, inspiring and pragmatic Masterclass, strongly recommends you look for stimulus outside your current environment! We can learn so much by “Stealing” ideas from totally unrelated industries to provoke and stimulate thought and innovative approaches. Known for his work in using yacht designers to put beds in planes, Disney, to help airport queuing, to name but a couple of “steals” he will help you explore your options. Additionally, he will work closely with you and challenge you to think differently about how you understand, and influence your personal and business customers and work with you to refocus your activity and behaviours accordingly. 

If you are keen to stimulate personal or business growth, find innovative ways of attracting customers, or perhaps develop new and innovative products or solutions for your customers then this Masterclass is a must!

As a result of attending this Masterclass you will:

  • Fill your toolbox with thought provoking tools, tips, practical ideas, tips to be able to engage and influence your customers
  • Learn a range of brilliant insights based on years of experience achieving amazing results
  • Explore where you/your business can “steal” ideas from that will transform your customer offering
  • Take a fresh and different look at your customer offering, and how you engage with your customers
  • Develop your strategy for growth

And unquestionably, Hamish Taylor, the “MasterThief” will leave you feeling inspired, motivated and desperate to get back to work to put your new ideas into action!

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