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Make Sure Meetings are a Worthwhile use of Everyone’s Time – Mary Tillson

90 Minute Injection of Inspiration

How many meetings have you attended recently that have been a frustrating total waste of your time? Perhaps it over ran, there was no agenda or clear objective so it drifted, the leader/chair dominated proceedings and did all the talking. Maybe one or two participants held side meetings within the meeting, or half the attendees were checking their phones, their emails. People drifted in and out, and suddenly time was called and no clear actions were agreed or owned?

Sound familiar? Depressingly, informal research shows that 80% of meetings for most are a complete waste of time!

And yet, what do we so often hear ourselves saying: “I haven’t got time!

Think how much time we could get back to get on with the leadership stuff, if we didn’t all waste so much time in pointless meetings!  In our view, this session should be attended by everyone!

This 90-minute session is designed to inject some simple skills, techniques and tips to help anyone run great meetings, and ensure that any meeting run, is seen by anyone attending to have been a really valuable use of their very precious time.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • What frustrates you about meetings you attend? (Get if off your chest!)
  • Considering what frustrates people who attend meetings you run? (That’s scary!)
  • Discover the importance of ground rules in stopping bad behaviour from starting (Which would resolve half of the frustrations you have shared- a no brainer!)
  • The importance in taking responsibility for your audience and beginning with the end in mind and applying these out against a meeting you are soon to run
  • Develop best practice on what you should think about and or do, pre-any meeting you run
  • Learn a range of tools and processes to use in meetings that enable engagement and involvement (Which foster commitment)
  • Create your plan and strategy for your next meeting

Led by our own Head of Momentum and Executive Learning – Mary Tillson

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