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People Powered Innovation – Harnessing the Power of Us – David Price

David Price OBE - Learning Futurist and Co-Founder of We Do Things Differently

A Masterclass in how to make innovation part of your DNA, and how to maximise the capability of your people.

What do skateboards, mountain bikes, continuous glucose monitors and potato chips have in common? They were all innovations by you – and the rest of us. Customers have become prosumers, creating as much as they consume. The potential for innovation, driven by people like us, is enormous, and yet largely untapped. And it has implications for everyone involved in people operations and research and development. The technological means of production are going open, so organisations are faced with an imperative: find a way to maximise the innovation of your users, or have them eliminate you.

Crowdsourcing was just for starters……

In this highly interactive and experiential Master Class, run by David Price OBE, a global thought leader, and learning futurist, who specialises in how organisations learn, innovate and make themselves fit for the future, you will learn to understand the principles that drive people-powered innovation.

Additionally, as a result of attending this thought-provoking and practical Masterclass you will:

·       Be aware of the opportunities (and threat) it presents

·       Devise tactics for turning your staff into “free innovators” and develop your plan of action

·       Grasp the cultural shift needed for “permissionless innovation” to power your organisation

·       Know how to turn your users into your Research and Development Team!

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