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The Psychology of Communication – Paul Boross

A Masterclass in understanding and developing the psychological basis for our interpersonal communication.

Paul Boross is “The Pitch Doctor”.  Paul is a passionate believer in the redemptive power of communication and his aim is to give you the skills to win and the confidence to dare to.  As an authority in communications, presentation, performance and pitching skills, Paul Boross has coached and developed a countless leading media business people, politicians and performers in the art and science of ‘getting the message across’.

Paul Boross

During this masterclass, participants will apply their new skills to develop and deliver live pitches, with specific developmental feedback given to each person. This increases the impact and capability of each participant, and it also develops critical skills which will help individuals to continuously improve their pitches in the future.

First Impressions

An enlightening exercise that raises awareness of how quickly people make their minds up about whether someone is the kind of person they want to do business with.

Outcome: Clearly understand that ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’.


Is perception reality? We each have our own point of view, how can we build better relationships by being aware of the distortions we create, and allowing space for other points of view?

Outcome: To become more aware of how we create perceptions in ourselves and others.


What is confidence? Practical techniques to run your own brain and negate the effects of nerves, while guarding against overconfidence which disconnects the presenter from the audience.

Outcome: To achieve the fine balance of confidence that comes from self-awareness.

State Management

Demonstration of how physiology leads psychology and vice versa. The exercise gets the group to viscerally understand how to more effectively manage their state.

Outcome: To discover how to manage their state by properly using their physiology.

Instant Rapport

A connection of trust and shared understand. Interactive tips and techniques on what true rapport is and how to achieve instant rapport.

Outcome: To understand what rapport is and be able to adapt behaviour to achieve improved rapport.

As a result of attending this Masterclass you will enjoy:

  • Improved client relationships
  • A greater degree of ethical influence
  • Increased personal impact and effectiveness
  • Enhanced personal leadership and collaborative skills

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