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Relationships: Dare to be You – Nick Davies

Nick Davies - Barrister & Founder of "The Really Great Training Company

People buy, from people they like. Simple. Well, OK, add in a few other ingredients, but bottom line is, if we don’t like the seller, we are less inclined to buy what they are selling. It’s all about relationships.

In business, we are ALL about selling something. A product, a concept, our skills, perhaps our knowledge, and in this competitive world of ours, where it seems everyone is chasing targets, trying to gain competitive edge, and achieve success, being remembered (for the right reasons!) and developing your own brand is vital.

In this highly engaging, experiential, energising and practical Masterclass, Nick Davies will help you to develop a deep understanding of how relationships are formed, even before you have exchanged a word! It only takes a nano second for others to make their assessment of you. Those first few seconds are crucial to create the desired impact. Nick will help you gain insight in how small talk is instrumental in human beings bonding, and why listening, really listening and not simply hearing, is the key to rapport.

Nick Davies


Additionally, you will discover the huge impact you can have making an emotional connection with others, regardless of the medium used. It’s amazing the impact something as seemingly innocuous as our “Out of office” messages can make.

As a result of attending this Masterclass you will:

  • Work your way from “Acknowledgement” to “Bond”
  • Realise the importance of trust, warmth and competency, in being credible, and considered ways to increase personal credibility
  • Learn and experiment with the 12 stages of intimacy
  • Discover the importance of small talk
  • Learn how to really listen
  • Market yourself!  Dare to be you!

And don’t forget, when you do come along, check your “out of office message”. What is it saying about you?

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We work with a lot of speakers who often just deliver their standard stuff, even after having being briefed. Nick took the time to listen to our requirements and did some research around our company before delivering his session.