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Grown-Ups Don’t Use Powerpoint – Lee Warren

Lee Warren - Co-Founder of Invisible Advantage

MasterThief – Stealing with pride! – Hamish Taylor

Hamish Taylor: Known as "The Masterthief" - for his ability to 'steal' ideas from other industries.

Relationships: Dare to be You – Nick Davies

Nick Davies - Barrister & Founder of "The Really Great Training Company

Engagement out of the Box – Jon Duschinsky

Jon Duschinsky - Leading Social Innovator and Entrepreneur

Brand Strategy: Capturing the Attention your Brand Deserves – Kinvara Balfour

Kinvara Balfour - Coolhunter, Fashion Commentator and Trend Expert

Building Social Brands – Huib van Bockel

Huib van Bockel - Digital and Social Marketing Expert and former Head of Marketing Red Bull UK

Data and Social Media – Roger Fisk

Lessons from Barrack Obama's Presidential Campaigns

Life’s a Pitch – A masterclass in persuasion – Lee Warren

Lee Warren - magician, mentalist, sales expert

Customer Service: Leadership with Pride – Andrew McMillan

Andrew McMillan - Customer Engagement Expert

Sales and Influence – Super Charge your Sales! – Alan O’Neill

Alan O'Neill - Expert Retail Change Consultant