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The Brave Leader – Caspar Craven

Caspar Craven - Adventurer and Entrepreneur

We live in a business world that is more uncertain and changing faster than ever before, where leaders must make tough decisions, every day, 24 hours a day, and often with imperfect information. For a business to thrive, its leaders need to have courage, conviction, skill. Their leaders need to be brave.

Businesses need Brave Leaders at all levels, (not just at EXCO level) who can build loyal and engaged teams, capable of dealing with uncertainty and change. Able to make split-second decisions. Able to change direction swiftly as necessary, and in a spirit of positivity.

Who can be a Brave Leader?

Who comes to mind when you hear the word Brave?

Leaders like Ernest Shackleton, Nelson Mandela, Richard Branson and Elon Musk?

Yes, of course, they are brave and take courageous decisions, and sometimes it feels to many, that this is the preserve of these few giants amongst men, and beyond the reach of most of us. But it isn’t.

Because being a Brave Leader is more than this.

It’s something that is available to anyone, at all levels in a business.

A Brave Leader is not a job title you are given, and it’s not about how vocal you are, or being cavalier or perhaps reckless. It is something you earn by your actions, and behaviours, and how you show up each day at work. The Brave Leader is courageous and trusts their instincts to do the right thing. Even when it’s hard. Even when you face adversity and headwinds.

Why is The Brave Leader Important?

The Brave Leader builds loyal, engaged and winning teams. Teams of people who can handle whatever gets thrown at them. Teams that can create sustainable long-term growth. Teams that thrive and embrace uncertainty, and who remain positive and proactive in their mentality and approach.

Can anyone be a Brave Leader?

100% yes.

All it takes is a decision by each person that they want to become better leaders. To be The Brave Leader inside each of us, and then develop some core principles, skills, techniques and approaches to achieve this. We aren’t born brave. We can become brave.

What are the Takeaways from attending Caspar Craven’s session?

The Brave Leader Keynote and Workshop is designed to guide you on your journey to become a Brave Leader by sharing six core underlying Principles, each brought to life with examples and true stories. My teaching is delivered in such a way as to ensure that both you and your team can take away and implement all these Principles to ensure that they have an immediate impact on the success of your team.

It is highly interactive, and practical, packed full of useful examples and stories, and you will have plenty of opportunity to not only explore the Principles but develop your own plan of action for you and your team.

What you will learn and the takeaways

  • What defines a Brave Leader –  a profile of characteristics and attributes
  • Clarity around the importance of Brave Leadership in business:  and relevance to your business
  • The six core underlying principles of Brave Leadership; fully explored which include:
    • How to create a purpose-driven environment
    • How to find each person’s purpose, and what engages them
    • Creating a values-driven environment
    • Developing Emotional resilience
    • Don’t wait for perfect
    • The Brave You
  • New ways to uncover and harness hidden skills in your team and getting those around you to play to their strengths
  • How to make certain that your ideas stick.

And… You’ll leave with inspiration, energy and practical ideas that you can implement immediately to generate instant impact!  How good is that!

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