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Masterclasses, Workshops & Leadership Development

We believe in being the difference that makes the differenceThis is why we have launched our Masterclasses, Workshops & Leadership Development: to provide learning that really does, make the difference.

Whether you want a bespoke blended learning development programme, 1 to 1 coaching or mentoring, a bespoke workshop, an off the shelf Masterclass, or perhaps a 90-minute Injection of Inspiration, whatever the issue or challenge your business wishes to tackle, we are confident we have an option or Speaker who can help you.

Masterclasses & Workshops

Half day, practical, experiential and truly inspirational Masterclasses and Workshops delivered by a selection of our fabulous speakers on a range of relevant topics and skills that are invaluable to have in the ever-changing, competitive and demanding business world we all operate in. These provide a fantastic opportunity to learn game-changing skills, strategies and techniques, from recognised business leaders, sporting legends, futurists, household names and thought leaders, to name but a few.

Behaving Like a Leader - Hot tips on Inspiring Leadership Behaviour - Mary Tillson


Bespoke Customised Learning

Culture & Society

Engagement; Trust; Purpose; Risk; Security

Find the Time to Lead and do the 'Leadership Stuff'

90 Minute Injections of Inspiration

Really useful stuff - quick, effective and great value for money

World Class Thinking : World Class Behaviour

Peak Performance & Team

Motivation; Team, Time Management

Future, Innovation and Creativity

Leadership & Strategy


Sales & Marketing

Customers; Branding; Social Media; Data


Well-Being; Mindfulness; Personal Development; Resilience; Talent; Relationships; Communication and Negotiation