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Masterclasses, Workshops & Leadership Development

At MFL, we believe strongly in being the difference that really doesmake the difference. No-one has the time or budget to waste on interventions that don’t add value.

This is why we have launched our exciting new Masterclasses, Workshops & Leadership Development: to provide learning that really does, make the difference.

Imagine how amazing and transformational it would be for your managers and leaders to receive up close and bespoke leadership development from one of our amazing Speakers who include: World Leaders, business gurus, corporate strategists, futurists, Olympians, World Champions, and entrepreneurs, to name but a few. How exciting is that!

Whether you want a bespoke blended learning development programme, 1 to 1 coaching or mentoring, a bespoke workshop, an off the shelf Masterclass, perhaps a 90-minute Injection of Inspiration, or Boardroom Advisory offering insight from the very top with one of these extraordinary gurus, please do call us without obligation to find out more. Whatever the issue or challenge your business wishes to tackle, we are confident we have an option or Speaker who can help you.

This is no ordinary training. This is transformational learning and development.

Please do contact Mary, our Head of Momentum and Executive Learning to find out more.


Half day, practical, experiential and truly inspirational Masterclasses delivered by a selection of our fabulous speakers on a range of relevant topics and skills that are invaluable to have in the ever-changing, competitive and demanding business world we all operate in. Each is designed to be the difference, that will make the difference for you and your organisation, and will be a learning experience, in our view, that is second to none.

These Masterclasses provide a fantastic opportunity to learn game-changing skills, strategies and techniques, from recognised business leaders, sporting legends, futurists, household names and thought leaders, to name but a few. How exciting is that!

In addition to these Masterclasses, we are also able to develop bespoke and blended learning solutions. Please do contact us for a chat to find out more about what and how we can support you.

We also have a suite of 90-minute Injections of Inspiration workshops, providing focused skill development. Each is designed to equip the busy manager or leader with practical and really useful day to day management/leadership skills and tools.

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Behaving Like a Leader - Hot tips on Inspiring Leadership Behaviour - Mary Tillson


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