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Henry Rose Lee – Why Millennials don’t own a printer & Generation Z can’t even…

Podcast with Kevin Gaskell 5

My guest today is one of the few experts in inter-generational diversity. This is the emerging science and management skill of maximising the engagement, collaboration and productivity within and across the five distinctive generations in today’s workplace. She shares ways to adapt leadership and management styles to get the best out of people.  She provides usable insights and tools to…

Steve Catchick – Sales Through Service

Podcast with Kevin Gaskell

My guest this week is the founder of the Secret Salesforce programme. He believes that customer experience is the biggest differentiator over which you have total control and that the human touch can have massive positive impact. He works with leaders and teams primarily in technology and professional services companies to unleash and utilise their hidden resources. He has worked…

Sophie Sabbage – Find the Possible in the Impossible

Podcast with Penny Mallory

  Businesses are rising and falling faster than ever before, and crisis is the new normal. For over 25 years, my guest today has equipped many thousands of people and many leading brands to tap their full creative and psychological powers in response to challenges, crises and threats. Personally, she has turned a six month…

Graham Jolley – Is it possible to read a person’s mind?

Podcast with Kevin Gaskell 5

  My guest this week is as adept at captivating an audience of thousands as he is at quietly amazing and amusing an intimate gathering of close friends. His impressive skill and charming good humour make him an extremely memorable, engaging, diverse and popular performer. He has entertained internationally and appeared on numerous prestigious television programmes…

Owen O’Kane – How to be Ten Times Happier

Podcast with Kevin Gaskell

My guest this week is a former NHS Mental Health Lead and one of the country’s leading psychotherapists, with over 25 years’ experience in physical and mental health sectors. He is the author of The Sunday Times Best-selling book ‘Ten to Zen’.  His second book ‘Ten Times Happier’ which was published in May 2020. In…

Cally Beaton – Reinvention – Upsize even if you feel like a hot mess!

Podcast with Kevin Gaskell 2

With me today I have a comedian, business leader, writer and entrepreneur.  She has held senior management positions at some of the biggest media companies in the world, including 10-years as Senior Vice President at the US studio giant Viacom, where she oversaw a multi-million-dollar budget for brands including Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central and Paramount….

Anna Hemmings MBE – Success in the face of Adversity

Podcast with Kevin Gaskell 5

My guest today has a staggering 11 World and European Championship medals, she’s a 2 times Olympian, an MBE, an Executive Coach and an Entrepreneur. She is a woman who persevered and succeeded despite the odds, who achieved when others said she couldn’t. When she talks to us today about overcoming adversity, leadership and high…

Tony Dovale – Transforming workplace performance ADAPTAGILITY

Podcast with Penny Mallory

My guest has spent over 30 years developing the ADAPTAGILITY high Performance methodology, a synthesis of Agility, Adaptability, Resilience and Balance. His ADAPTAGILITY High Performance Framework, and Digital Diagnostic tool, provides a proven approach, and deep insights, to activating, and optimising, sustainable higher performance. This helps organisations to achieve eXponential impact, amazing growth, and outstanding…

R. Michael Anderson – How to show up as a Leader

Podcast with Kevin Gaskell

Our guest today is an import – he is an American living here in England. Before coming here, he founded and scaled three software companies where he lived in California. He has authored a number of best-selling leadership books, writes for, and advises companies like Microsoft, Salesforce, Stanford University, and PwC on leadership. I’m…

Dimitrios Tsivrikos – The Consumer is Not Your Friend

Podcast with Kevin Gaskell 5

As consumers we are becoming increasingly cynical about who we buy from, we want authenticity, meaningful connections and a great experience. My guest this week is a business psychologist of global renown, currently a lecturer at University College London – he was the first person to establish the field of consumer psychology in the UK….

Paul McVeigh – Lessons from the Premier League

Podcast with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez 4

My guest was a professional footballer for nearly 20 years playing for clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur, Burnley and Norwich City, whilst gaining 40 Caps internationally for Northern Ireland.  He made over 300 appearances and was a key member of 2 Championship winning teams and rose to the pinnacle of English football. He is also…

Diana Theodores – Setting the Stage for Greater Success


My guest this week says that “If all the world’s a stage” the greatest role you ever get to play is yourself.   She applies the principles of ‘Great Performance’ from her 25 years’ experience in the world of theatre to ‘Great Performance’ on the business stage. She connects leaders with the energy of inspiration that…