News Listing – Maria Franzoni

Podcast with Kate Ancketill – Reset – How we will shop, live, work and play in the future

Podcast with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez 4

Drawing upon 20 years’ experience consulting on innovation pathways for billion-dollar blue chips, my guest this week provides road-tested insights on the technological and human innovations that will change the shape of business over the next five years. As founder and CEO, she is the chief storyteller at GDR Creative Intelligence, a business futurist and strategy consultancy working with an impressive roster of…

Podcast with Tim Reid – How to use this time of crisis to be creative

Podcast with Kevin Gaskell 5

  At this time, it strikes me that we have an opportunity to look at our lives and our businesses in a new way and maybe get creative about what the future can bring.  So, I thought it would be good to talk about creativity and get some techniques and advice from my guest this…

Podcast with Kevin Gaskell – How to lead your business in a time of crisis

Podcast with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez 4

At the time of recording we have just heard in the UK that British Airways will be making 12,000 people redundant. Oasis, Warehouse and Carluccio’s amongst other household names have gone into liquidation.  Our country is in its second month of lockdown and many businesses find themselves unable to trade and are doing their best…

Podcast with Psychologist Adrian Furnham – Coping with the new normal

Podcast with Penny Mallory

My guest this week is coming back for a second visit, he is going to help us while we deal with the Corona virus. He was Professor of Psychology at University College London for 26 years and is now Principal Psychologist at Stamford Associates, an asset management company Like Noel Coward, he believes that work…

Podcast with Caspar Craven – We’re all in the same boat. Or are we?

Podcast with Kevin Gaskell 5

My guest this week has been with us before, but I’ve brought him back as at the time of recording this episode, we are going through a lockdown situation.  We are trapped at home with our families and our loved ones and this man has experienced this for himself for a long period of time….

Podcast with Penny Mallory – How to be Mentally Tough

Podcast with Kevin Gaskell

My guest this week has appeared with us before sharing her expertise to compete against the odds.  Today she is back to talk about Mental Toughness.  She is going to share with us how and why developing confidence, resilience, commitment and focus is critical in today’s challenging business and personal environment. Motorsport and TV fans…

Podcast with Charlie Cannon – Resilience in times of crisis


  My guest this week is a performance coach who specialises in supporting leaders to build personal resilience. For the last fifteen years he has worked at the interface of leadership and wellbeing with some of the biggest brands in the world. His passion is to support leaders to play the ‘inner game’ of life…

Podcast with Beau Lotto – Deviate or Die

Podcast with Kevin Gaskell 5

This week I’ve delved into the archives again.  This particular speaker is a bit of a clever chap.  He has actually done 3 main stage TED talks and has got a brain the size of a planet.  When he speaks, he says “I want the audience to go away knowing less after I’ve spoken than…

Podcast with Stéphane Garelli – Competitiveness after Covid 19

Podcast with Kevin Gaskell 2

My guest this week has done so much that it would take the entire podcast episode just to read his CV, so I’ve picked a few highlights. He is Emeritus Professor of World Competitiveness, at IMD business school and the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. He is the Founder, of the World Competitiveness Center, and publisher…

Podcast with Shelley Bridgman – Harnessing the power of diversity in thinking


My guest this week is Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, award-winning comedian and author. She survived the hedonistic sixties with the inevitable round of clubbing, fashion and drugs; then she made the most of the seventies, travelling to over sixty countries whilst running a travel business. But it was the eighties that tested her to her limits. Battling…

Podcast with Gray Scott – The Future is a Portal Inward

Podcast with Kevin Gaskell 5

  My guest is a futurist, philosopher, and a leading expert in futurism and emerging technologies. He is a populariser, commentator, and influencer of all things futuristic. He is the host of the techno-philosophy YouTube series FUTURISTIC NOW and is listed in the top twenty must-watch futurism shows on YouTube. He has spoken at NASA’s…

Podcast with Sir Chris Hoy MBE – Be The Best You Can Be

Podcast with Penny Mallory

Sir Chris Hoy MBE, multiple world and Olympic champion track cyclist, is one of Great Britain’s most successful Olympic athletes, with six gold medals and one silver. Chris retired from competitive cycling in 2013 and his achievements throughout his career make him Scotland’s most successful Olympian, the first Briton since 1908 to win three gold…