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Adjiedj Bakas

Trend Watcher

Adjiedj Bakas is a highly acclaimed trend watcher, author and speaker with roots in India, Latin-America and Europe.

He researches and interprets social, cultural, economic, technological and spiritual trends. He delivers inspiring and engaging lectures about 200 times annually for clients including Samsung, Apple, Credit Suisse, Philips, Air France KLM, DSM, Google, Microsoft, Shell, to name a few.

He was voted ‘Trend watcher of theYear 2009’ and ‘Immigrant Entrepreneur of the Year 2008’ in The Netherlands. Dutch magazine ‘Management Team’ placed him in their list of the 25 most creative Dutch people, magazine ‘Sprout’ has described him as one of the 50 most influential Dutch people under 50 years of age, the Dutch Marketers’ Association NIMA elected him the most influential trend watcher in the country, and he was voted one of the 30 most influential people in the Dutch financial industry by magazine ‘’. His books about the future have been published in countries ranging from Brazil and China to Norway and Germany and have sold more than 600,000 copies worldwide.

The topics he covers take in a broad range of interests and sectors. He can speak to entrepreneurs about future-oriented entrepreneurship, to bankers about the banking of the future, to IT professionals about the role of IT in peoples’ lifestyles, and to builders and developers about the future of construction. He can also speak about trends in the labour market, in the healthcare sector and about the future of public administration. His work is always well grounded in research information about trends and the future, but never fails to entertain. Unorthodox, optimistic, inspirational and animated: he is one of the most appealing speakers currently available.

He has sold more than 500,000 books worldwide. His successful English language titles from his trend series include: Beyond the Crisis in 2009 (about the future of capitalism) and number one bestseller, World Megatrends in 2009 (about the future of humanity) and Living without Oil in 2009 (co-authored with fellow trendwatcher Rob Creemers). His most recent book, The Future of Faith in 2010, explores how economic, political and environmental changes will reshape the ethics, morality, religion and spirituality that underpin our lives. He is currently working on the book The Future of Health.

Adjiedj Bakas is an inspiring, visionary and entertaining speaker. His main interest throughout his working life has been identifying economic, technological, demographic, environmental, spiritual and security trends. His ability to share his knowledge in an entertaining way makes him a much sought-after speaker at conferences and events.

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Digital Transformation

Only 27% of businesses have a coherent digital strategy. However, Digital Darwinism will become the norm: ‘change or disappear’. All big digital trends have reached their tipping point: Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) have come of age and now interrelate and strengthen each other, thus becoming a nexus of forces. To this can be added the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR), technologies that will be responsible for further acceleration. They all reinforce each other and together become a digital storm that rages with devastating effect through the business community. Old earnings models disappear, new ones take their place.

Megatrends SMEs

In Holland at least 97% of businesses are SMEs. Collectively SMEs are responsible for 47.5% of Dutch turnover and of those businesses with their own R&D activities 97% are SMEs. No-one talks about entrepreneurial enterprise as a life style, and yet that is exactly what it is. Bakas has developed this lecture, based on the book of the same title, for entrepreneurial associations and for customer relations meetings organized by banks and accountants who provide services to SMEs. Bakas is very familiar with the SME model, not least because he is the Shadow Minister for Innovation in the shadow cabinet of the ONL entrepreneurial association.


What developments and trends can we expect in the next year – and how will these trends transform business life and earnings models in the coming years? How will these trends influence entrepreneur, consumer and society alike? Using his annual trend books Bakas takes the public for a glimpse of the near future that is tangible, recognizable and yet surprising. Don’t expect Bakas to leave you in your ‘comfort zone’.

Megatrends Work

In the coming 10 to 15 years at least 80 percent of people will lose their current job, according to the well-respected Singularity University. New jobs will replace existing jobs. There has been a historic trend towards a shorter working week; from 70 hours in 1850 to 35 hours currently. This trend is set to continue to include a re-distribution of paid and unpaid work in the participation society of the future, with the right to a minimum of 1 day’s paid work per week as an alternative to the minimum wage and state benefits. The future of work is going to look radically different from what people now think.

A New Future for Finance

Money makes the world go round. That is, and always will be, the case. However, whereas in the US 80 percent of businesses borrow money without resorting to banks, in The Netherlands that is only the case for 20 percent. But via Bazel-III and shortly Bazel-IV there is a change towards the American system of lending. Fintech is coming up, and blockchain technology is making sure there will be new currency. It is already possible to obtain a mortgage via Peer2Peer banking in Germany. What will be the future for banks, insurance companies, pension funds, investment banks and private wealth managers?

Capitalism & Slowbalization

Capitalism is the best thing ever invented by mankind. It is thanks to capitalism that humankind have been able to develop and grow more in 500 years than in the preceding 5000. We are living longer and in better conditions, we are richer (even the poorer are better off), we can put in place amazing innovations and in our current knowledge based economy we have access to unimaginable stocks of knowledge and information. Whatever is next?

I heard a lecture by Adjiedj Bakas in Berlin. It was truly fantastic, and definitely the best session of the whole week.

Coca Cola

I heard Adjiedj lecturing here in London at JPMorgan bank. It was a pleasure to meet and hear him. We need more people like him to shake the traditions!

Britvic plc

It was a pleasure hearing Adjiedj bakas speaking at a financial conference in Lagos, Nigeria. His presentation was unique, educative and interesting!


Adjiedj Bakas lectured at our event in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. We only had raving reviews from our clients about his breathtaking presentation.



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