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Alexandra Panayotou

Executive & Personal Mentor & Extreme Endurance Runner

Alex Panayotou is a changer of lives. She helps corporate teams and individuals set and achieve their goals, develop their strengths, balance, sustainability, and their creativity. In short, she helps others find more stability, happiness, and in doing so achieve more than they dreamed possible.

Her work with senior executive teams, professionals in the business and medical world, and also people who find themselves at a crossroads in their professional or personal lives, has made her renowned as an expert in motivation, positive attitude, and long-term achievement.

Hers is an innovative and unique method; she stands out in her capacity to understand and work with the human element. Alex lives what she teaches and her energy is unparalleled, drawing out the best in the people and groups she works with all over the world.

Alex Panayotou is a charismatic international motivational and TEDx Speaker, and is active around the globe. “One of the most inspirational guest speakers” according to Jean Francois Dekimpe, (Coca-Cola Eurasia & Africa) Alex’s story is an inspirational and motivating one. Through it she has become an expert in overcoming obstacles and adversity; her positive attitude and energy stand out.

Having run more kilometres than most people have driven, Alex draws on her exceptional athletic achievements to enrich her professional capability and programs. She started running at 30 years old, and quickly reached championship level. In 2004 she came 2nd in the Barcelona Marathon, 4th in the Greek Championships, and won many races before she turned to solo extreme distance running for charity. This makes her one of only about 5 women in the world who have run distances and challenges as extreme as 2010 km in 31 days, or 400 km non-stop.

These extreme endurance feats have – however – been put in perspective by the physical, mental and emotional obstacles she dealt with from Autumn 2017 to early 2019.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer and operated for a malignant tumour. Over the following year she underwent chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. Just as with all other great hurdles in the last 14 years, Alex took this in her stride. She faced this challenge with optimism, strength, and energy: starting to race again at the beginning of chemotherapy, and continuing through all of her treatment. As early as Summer 2018 she was back on the podium again in her age category and as overall winner.

Her work works: she has turned an extremely challenging time into a transformational journey, and is now launching a new campaign, alongside her chosen vocation. This is a wake up call to help people take their lives into their own hands before adversity strikes them, and also to help those going through similarly challenging situations, address them and deal with them in the best way possible.

Alex is an example that if we approach life with a positive attitude, are willing to change and adapt our behaviour, lifestyle, and habits, we can deal with our obstacles much more effectively, achieve more of our goals, and live life to the fullest.

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Executive Endurance / Professional sustainability and balance

Overcoming obstacles and adversity

Courage vs. fears and doubts

Positive attitude & Motivation

Personal & professional excellence

Setting and achieving goals

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Alexandra Panayotou is one of the most inspirational guest speakers we have had the pleasure of hosting in our annual Coca-Cola Eurasia Africa Marketing Summit. Although referring to Alex as a “guest” feels somewhat out-of-place, as in her sessions we felt part of her world as much as she felt part of ours. Her time with us was interactive and mind opening. Her personal story was extraordinary. The lessons she took away from her experiences as an ultra endurance athlete were both provocative and reaffirming in how we think and behave both as leaders and team members, whether at work or play. She left us with a smile on our faces, with renewed passion and belief…in ourselves, our teams and what can be achieved when we put our minds to it.

Coca-Cola Eurasia & Africa Group

I approached Alex after listening to her on a very authentic and inspiring speech, and soon was impressed by her positive and dynamic energy as well as her genuine character. Going through the Professional Excellence Program with Alex is a unique experience for professional and personal development, a great opportunity for self-reflection and a chance to step out of your comfort
zone. Actually, it is up to the participants to decide how much they decide to get out of their comfort
zone and grab this lifetime experience to start/continue their journey of self-discovery and development.


Attending one of Alex’s sessions should be made an obligation for any aspiring, developing or experienced leader. The values, attitudes and behaviours that stand behind her pursuit of individual and team excellence are truly inspirational.

IESE Business School

Alexandra is a captivating speaker and through sharing her own journey, motivated the audience to think bigger and expand their ideas of what is possible in their own lives. She is authentic and natural - something I hugely appreciate.

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Alexandra Panayotou 5

The Smile of Endurance

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