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Alison Edgar

The Entrepreneur’s Godmother

Nicknamed ‘The Entrepreneur’s Godmother’, Alison Edgar has been instrumental in the growth of some of the worlds’ best-known companies including Dragons Den and Apprentice Winners. She knows what it takes to transform a company from zero to a multi-million-pound turnover.

Twice voted one of the UK’s Top Ten Business Advisers, and author of Amazon #1 best-selling and WHSmith Top Ten, Secrets of Successful Sales, Alison is regularly featured on BBC TV, as well as working with Downing Street and The Royal Family.

From growing up in a high-rise flat in Clydebank and struggling with un-diagnosed dyslexia, to working internationally in hospitality management, and ultimately owning and scaling a successful sales training business, Alison has a fantastic story to tell. Alison has the ability to connect with audiences on individual levels even when speaking to hundreds or thousands. She has been named one of the UK’s Top Ten Business Advisers and the UK’s #1 Sales and Marketing Adviser by Enterprise Nation.

Getting employees to think like entrepreneurs is what makes Alison Edgar tick. She has the ability to connect with even the most reluctant of staff members to transform their mindset to think like business owners. Not only does this increase wellbeing for members of staff, but also improves productivity, saves the company time and money, and encourages innovation.

It’s time to say goodbye to low morale, and hello to fresh, intrapreneurial forward-thinking.


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Intrapreneurship – improving performance by cultivating entrepreneurial thinking

Using the What Would I Do If It Was My? methodology. This is a thought-provoking session looking at -

. What would I do I it was my first day? A deep dive into growth mindset and positivity
. What would I do if it was my Grandmother? Giving an overview of DISC behaviour techniques and how to use them to exceed internal and external customer expectations.
.What would I do if it was my business? looking at cost/profits, sales/customer service and management of time to improve productivity and well-being.

Secrets of Successful Sales

Based on WHSmith top 10 business book and Amazon #1 Best Seller, this talk teaches The Four Key Pillars of Sales gives sales teams a proven methodology to increase sales.

. Behaviours
. Process
. Strategy
. Confidence

The takeaway for the audience is to think like STARS:

Stay positive
Always Positive
Resilient =

The Art of Getting What You Want

Based on my TEDx talk, this motivates and encourage the audience to deep dive into what they want, why they want it and gives them the skills they need to get it. This session works well to build strong teams and help employees reach, their work and personal goals to improve job satisfaction and happiness at work.

Big Ball theory

Alison Edgar’s Big Ball theory as featured in Secrets of Successful Sales. This session explains how disparity between departments and colleagues affects productivity. By implementing the theory, it reduces friction in the workplace and leads to better internal and external customer service.

After the session I felt that everyone in the group started to become more confident in their plans or started to see what they had to work on to get what they want both in their personal and work life.


Alison is a speaker who doesn’t just spout her life story like many others do. She has a great balance of personal anecdotes combined with knowledge and practical skills

Thomas Cook

Alison is simply a ball of energy, she is so passionate about sales and selling. Very accomplished and authentic.


Alison worked with the Senior Leadership Team on her intrapreneurship methodology. I loved Alison’s drive. It made the session really engaging and helped keep everyone’s energy levels up!

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Secrets of Successful Sales

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