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Amy Brann

Founder of Synaptic Potential

Amy Brann is the founder of Synaptic Potential an organisation that works with companies to strengthen their strategy, culture and performance. The team works globally sharing reliably simple applications of neuroscience that lead to game-changing insights and results. Amy blends her academic knowledge of how the brain works with her experience of leaders’ challenges to share uniquely insightful ways forward.

Leaving UCL medical school to coach clients around the world gave Amy great insight into how to get the best from people wherever they are starting from.

Amy Brann is the author of ‘Make Your Brain Work’, ‘Neuroscience for Coaches’ & ‘Engaged: The neuroscience behind creating productive people in successful organisations’.

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Listen to Amy Brann’s podcast to learn more about her here

Amy is a visiting lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University teaching the neuroscience of leadership on the Master of Sports Directorship programme.

Amy Brann passionately delivers the message that you and your organisation have a huge amount of potential that can be better accessed if you understand how to work with your brain optimally. Amy’s keynote is inspiring and will enable exceptional performance, sculpting your organisation to achieve more.  She will give delegates an understanding of how to feel engaged and create environments where they can do their best work. Amy delivers “timeless wisdom with modern neuroscience”. She has the credibility and zeal to make a big impact at your event. The power that comes from this unique blend of quantum physics, neuroscience, coaching, leadership and management training means people keep coming back to learn more.

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Engaged Brains

Imagine waking up on Monday mornings feeling excited about the week ahead, and reaching Friday’s feeling fulfilled. There is both a strong business and personal case behind creating this to be our reality…however, for most people and organisations there are a range of untapped opportunities. The old measures of success no longer suffice. People are looking for organisations that deliver more than just a pay pack. For the first time in history, we have the technology to see what is going on inside people’s brains and really get to grips with what this means for us in organisations (along with what it doesn’t mean!).

The Beautifully Simple Model that gets RESULTS

This model gives flexibility to achieve any result with the support of a framework. It focuses on two approaches, which deliver new inspiration, more effectiveness and more ingenuity. We help you capitalise on research from neuroscience and behavioural science. The model is simple in its structure; deep in its application. Users of this approach recognise the efficiency of a thorough method with cutting edge insights. Ramp up agility that delivers RESULTS!

Neuroscience for Coaches

Dive into understanding what Coaching really is from the brain’s perspective in this keynote. Learn about the neuroscience behind vital components of a coaching interaction, from deciding on and implementing goals, creating new habits to achieving those goals and then continuing to do what it takes. Consider new approaches and tools that are brain friendly for your client and ways you can maximise the impact you are having. Great CPD for experienced Coaches and inspiring for new Coaches.

Make your Brain Work

This cutting-edge topic is very ‘in vogue’ and proves popular with corporate audiences and professionals. The ‘Make Your Brain Work’ keynote is a choice you can make with confidence. Audiences are fascinated to learn about the inner workings of their brain and mind and excited by the potential they hold within themselves.

I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation for the tremendous contribution you made to the 10th Anniversary of our Summer School event, in your role as speaker. Your energy and expertise have enriched our delegates, who have already given us heartfelt and enthusiastic feedback. Thank you again for your invaluable support in making the delegates’ learning experience an unforgettable one.

Academia Wales

Your contribution was exceptional and really woke up the audience! It made all the difference to the debate and added a completely new dimension to it and I hope it has given you some interesting meads too amongst the audience. We have never had such a large take up on the invitations before and we know that there were well over 200 guests who stayed for the debate. I have had only positive feedback and more of that than usual. I do really appreciate your contribution and I hope you enjoyed the morning and that it was worth getting up so early for it! Thank you once again.

Thrings LLP

Amy has been one of the most memorable speakers I have ever seen in action. She has a great talent in connecting with her audience and building massive rapport. She is a very approachable person and had me participating in ways few other speakers could manage. She speaks with passion and knowledge, whilst maintaining a very human and relaxed ambience. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting Amy and see her as a true inspiration. I sincerely hope I have many more opportunities to meet Amy in the future.

Flagship 3

Amy gave our conference an energetic start and made the topic accessible to all levels in the audience. She brings warmth, fun and a depth of knowledge to neuroscience and allows people to understand how it can applied in real life. As the conference director it also makes life easy when speakers turn up on time, commit to the programme and then come ready to put on a show- Amy delivers on every count.

Association for Coaching & Manchester Business School


Amy Brann 4

Neuroscience for Coaches

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Amy Brann 4

Make Your Brain Work: How to Maximize Your Efficiency, Productivity and Effectiveness

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Amy Brann 4

Engaged: The Neuroscience Behind Creating Productive People in Successful Organizations (The Neuroscience of Business)

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