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Amy Webb

Founder of the Future Today Institute and a renowned futurist and strategist

Amy Webb has a powerful ability to anticipate trends and emerging technology that will disrupt tomorrow. She is sharing her knowledge with corporate leaders, innovators and governments so that she can envision and help prepare for the impact these trends and technologies will have on business and society.

Amy Webb is the founder of the Future Today Institute and a renowned futurist and strategist. For her, it’s not simply an interest; it’s a profession and a passion. Amy doesn’t simply make speculations or predictions; her work is evidence-based, drawn from mapping and modelling quantitative and qualitative data collected in the present to understand what’s coming in the near future.

Named to the 2017 Thinkers50 Radar list of management thinkers most likely to shape the future – and also shortlisted for its 2017 Distinguished Achievement Award – Amy Webb is already making an impact on today’s Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies, government agencies, large nonprofits, universities and startups worldwide. Focusing on the intersection of technology, business and society, she takes a purposefully broad lens to her work. When thinking about the future, most only look at their industry and direct competitors. Amy is adamant about looking at multiple, adjacent landscapes. “You have to be able to see the top of the forest in order to see where all the trees are and how they connect,” she says.

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Amy Webb’s “clear, insightful and humorous” style, in writing and in speaking, makes it easy to understand why audiences are drawn to her and her work.

Amy’s most recent best-selling and award-winning book, “The Signals Are Talking: Why Today’s Fringe Is Tomorrow’s Mainstream”  – delves deep into her forecasting methodology.   “Signals” is included by Professors at major universities in their courses and they teach using her forecasting tools.  Her upcoming book about the real future of artificial intelligence (2019) promises even more data-rich perspectives and actionable intelligence.

Numerous mainstream media, including the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, New York Times and Fast Company, have featured Amy’s forecasting methodology and her work as a futurist. Her viral TED Talk, based on her memoir, “Data, A Love Story,” has been viewed more than six million times.

Amy tailors all her keynotes/workshops to each client’s specific requirement. She uses original research and insights specific to an organisation, industry or conference.

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How to Think Life A Futurist

The world’s most successful leaders must manage the present and innovate for the future. This requires a new kind of strategic thinking. Drawing from her bestselling, award-winning book, “The Signals Are Talking,” Amy Webb explains how leaders can harness a futurist’s strategic tools for the benefit of their organizations. In this presentation, you will learn how to think like a futurist, how to rethink risk, and how you’ll know when to act. As a backdrop, Webb will share future scenarios of emerging technologies from your industry and those adjacent to it: artificial intelligence, self-driving cars and biohacking – helping you discover your own ability to not only forecast what’s on the horizon, but how to create your own preferred future today, in the present.

The Great AI Awakening

“Can machines think?” That sentence begins Alan Turing’s famous 1950 paper on machine intelligence. For as long as we’ve had computers, we humans have been trying to anthropomorphize them. Conversation between humans and machines, and ultimately machines with each other, is the foundation upon which modern AI is being built. Right now, we are on the brink of a great AI awakening, says Amy Webb. So what happens when we get what we’ve always said we want? What happens when the machines really do learn not just to think – but are trained to out-think us humans? She answers these questions and helps you prepare for and harness the great AI awakening.

The Future of The Internet of Things

In the near future, we will be surrounded by invisible infrastructure enabling your house to talk to your car and your car to talk to your wearable devices. Amy Webb quickly explains what the IoT is and why it’s so important; she then launches into scenarios that tie the IoT directly to your field. She discusses what to expect as the IoT matures and how your industry – and you, yourself – will fit into the ecosystem. It’s a field worth tens of billions of dollars – but there’s a catch. What are the second, third and fourth order implications of the IoT? What happens when all the devices in our lives start talking to each other? Webb discusses the promise, power and potential peril of the future of IOT.

Ten Reasons Future Generations will call us Barbarians

We use “barbarian” to describe people who are uncivilized; it’s easy to imagine humanity’s primitive ancestors as horrible, ignorant savages. But consider this: won’t future generations think the same of us? What are we doing today that people in the far future will think are barbaric? To start, we farm our meat instead of growing it. We discriminate based on race and gender, rather than our intellectual, emotional, financial and physical capabilities. We take blunt-force pills intended for the general population, not hyper-personalized chemical compounds delivered via nanobots. In this eye-opening session, Amy Webb flips what feels comfortable and familiar on its head as you journey deep into the future.

The Future History of our Cities

The convergence of a number of technologies – ubiquitous WiFi, self-driving cars and trucks, digital assistants, drones, genetic engineering and organic building materials – will start to change our cities in the near future. Everyday life will look quite different, but so will city management. Think landscapers, tiny urban farms and the end of gridlock. Amy Webb shares a snapshot from the future, detailing all the ways in which our cities are likely to evolve, and offers warnings for business and government leaders – not to mention the average citizen – living in the present.

Scenes from the Year 2027

Soon, technology will begin to intersect with our daily lives in weird and wonderful ways. We don’t often think about that intersection, and yet emerging technology will be used to design the future of humanity. In this mind-bending session, Amy Webb will offer a provocative series of snapshots from our near and far future. How will we communicate? Where will we live? Will sophisticated algorithms and artificially intelligent systems replace the relationships we have with other humans? What will our technology do for us? To us? The possibilities are exciting, inspiring – and a little scary.

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The Signals Are Talking: Why Today's Fringe Is Tomorrow's Mainstream

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Amy Webb 3

Data, a Love Story: How I Cracked the Online Dating Code to Meet My Match

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