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Beau Lotto

Beau Lotto

Founder and CEO of Lab of Misfits Studio

Dr Beau Lotto is the Founder and CEO of Lab of Misfits, the world’s first neuro-design studio. Uncertainty and the brain’s need to resolve it is essential for thinking about not only branding and business, but design, leadership and innovation. Misfits is a team of scientists, designers and producers who discover the essential questions about the nature of uncertainty. Their work provides a deeper, scientific basis for an organisations DNA & Strategy, creates content that expands PR & marketing potential, and strengthens its internal and external relationships. By focusing on how the perceptual brain resolves the fundamental challenge of uncertainty, The Lab of Misfits gives audiences and clients the opportunity to create … and more than this … to embody innovation. Their results inform and transform. They have worked with the Edelman Group and TJ Max, Golin and L’Oreal, and are currently working Cirque du Soleil.

Perception is the foundation of human experience, but few of us understand why we see what we do, much less how. By revealing the startling truths about the brain and its perceptions, Beau Lotto shows that the next big innovation is not a new technology: it is a new way of seeing, how uncertainty and the brain’s need to resolve it is essential for thinking about not only branding and business, but specifically design, leadership and innovation.

Listen to Beau Lotto’s podcast to learn more about him here

Beau is one of the few speakers to have given two TED talks, which have amassed over 5 million views combined. He has also spoken at Google’s Zeitgest Minds, Wired, G8 and made significant programme contributions to BBC’s Horizon, National Geographic Channel and PBS in the US.

In 2017, Beau Lotto published a new major popular science book, Deviate: The Science of Seeing Differently. He draws on over two decades of pioneering research to explain that our brain didn’t evolve to see the world accurately. It can’t! Visually stunning, with entertaining illustrations and optical illusions throughout, and with clear and comprehensive explanations of the science behind how our perceptions operate, Deviate will revolutionise the way you see yourself, others and the world. With this new understanding of how the brain functions, we can apply these insights to every aspect of life, love and work.  Deviate is not just an illuminating account of the neuroscience of thought, behaviour and creativity: it is a call to action, enlisting readers in their own journey of self-discovery.

Beau is also the Founder and CEO of a US Augmented Reality tech startup, which has several patents.

Traces is digital AR platform that blends the physical and the digital. Combining augmented reality, geo-tagging and digital messaging, Traces brings together brands, people and the content together in the real world, the potential impact of Traces on Enterprise is immense. More information on Traces can be found at

MEEGO is an app that lets float your ‘animal spirit’ in AR, telling the world who you are right now. MEEGOs follow you wherever you go, and are visible in AR by anyone nearby. When you find another MEEGO, say hi with a comment or read other people’s comments … or save their MEEGO into your Tribe and carry on the conversation via messaging. MEEGO is a wholly new way to see, not only who is around you more playfully and more meaningfully.

Why book Beau Lotto: If you truly want to understand why there’s nothing creative about creativity, why change is hard, why there’s no inherent value in any piece of information … if of itself, what (branding) narratives the brain needs to create a relationship – and why the narratives a different for maintaining a relationship … and if you want to do it while experiencing first hand how your perception of the world is not what you thought it’d be … then you’ll discover why with Beau.

Beau’s style is entertaining and informative; he explains WHY and not just HOW (which enables the audience to apply and generalise his perceptual framework to their own lives). He is interactive and gathers live data throughout his presentation – methods that enable audiences to actively embody the information explored.

View Beau’s video on The Digital Brain, here.

Go to Beau Lotto’s Masterclass: Deviate – Innovation is a way of being

"Part of what is great about public speaking is working with Maria and her team. They are the embodiment of proactive caring … as well as actually doing! The combination is so rare." Beau

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Innovation & Creativity

Our society (from education to business) focuses almost exclusively on efficiency. This is a great idea in unchanging environments. But our world changes. So too, then, must we, and yet our systems are not setup to adapt. Where can we find the answer? In nature, where one must adapt-or-die. Indeed, the most successful natural systems are not only efficient, but also creative. The problem is that creativity hard. But why? Here we’ll discover that there’s nothing in fact creative about creativity … that creativity is only creative from the outside, not from the inside. We will learn that if you want to innovate, then you must be innovative, which is a deeply natural process that is accessible to anyone. Using perceptual neuroscience we will explore the principles that enable individuals and organisations to thrive ‘at the edge of chaos’.


Arguably one of the most dangerous things one can experience in life is doubt. Conversely taking the risk to step into uncertainty is an essential aspect of adaptation, which we know is at the root of success in all natural systems. What's more, nature also tells us when it's best to risk uncertainty. So how to deal with uncertainty is the fundamental problem that your brain evolved to solve. Here we discuss in a highly experiential way how and why everything is uncertain, and natures solution to it.


Here, using principles in behavioural and perceptual neuroscience, we'll explore why it's often essential for success but equally the most feared of human activities. Indeed, to ask 'why?' is historically the most dangerous thing you can do. And yet all revolutions (and revelations) begin with a question. In this talk, we'll see how and why questions and metaphor are mediators of change; what makes a good question; and how change has no direction or goal, is personal and inevitable.


The value of any relationship is defined by how well you 'know' someone: the more nuanced, creative and personal the narrative, the more essential it becomes. Branding is about creating a narrative and way of being that enables a brand to have a relationship with their audience. But brands treat people as averages, hence their stories do not foster what the brain truly needs to feel valued, meaningful and loyal. Understanding the mechanisms and principles of behavioural neuroscience that enable relationships to start, as well as what is need to maintain them (which are not the same thing) is essential to any brand. And key to this is authenticity. In this talk Beau shows us how brands can build better relationships and be truly authentic.


There is no inherent value in any piece of information! Data is meaningless. Why? This is because the brain deals with meaning and not information since information doesn't tell you what to do. In fact THE fundamental challenge that the brain evolved to solve is to take meaningless data and make it meaningful. What we see is the meaning of information grounded in our personal, cultural and evolutionary histories. And it's the historical meaning of stuff that we literally see, experience and know (not the stuff itself). Here we'll explore - and experience – how to see new meaning in data that has always been there, but remains hidden.

Education/New Culture of Learning

Success in most educational systems is measured by the ability to memorise and reiterate facts.s
Here using the neuroscience of perception, we will explore a new way of thinking about education through concrete examples in the world of science education where children became the youngest published scientists in history. Born out of our research on perception, we will discuss a framework for a learning that is based on an openness to uncertainty and discovery that influences not just the way schools educate, but even the very architecture and design of schools.

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An hour with Beau was an invitation to shift your perceptions and let your mind explore a new playground of creativity in order to reach new levels of innovation! It is exactly what we needed. The feedback from all participants was unanimously euphoric! The delivery and contents were truly inspiring. One of the best key note speakers ever.


Beau Lotto was a resounding success at the 2018 Wired for Wonder event. His presentation was thought provoking, clever and entertaining and certainly left the audience knowing LESS when they finished than when he began. He was a pleasure to work with in the lead up to the event and did not disappoint. I’ll look for opportunities to work with him again and again.

Wonder & Wander, Australia

I worked with Beau Lotto for a film I made for the BBC2 science series 'Horizon'. Beau was our main contributor and organised an experiment, involving 200 people, which took place at the Science Museum and was the main thread through the film. Beau was great to work with – very creative, highly ambitious and with incredible energy. His communications skills are quite something to behold: when dealing with the volunteers from the public for the experiment, he held them in the palm of his hand and infected them with his enthusiasm. Respected by his peers and looked up to by his students he is someone who people like to listen to and learn from. I'd love the chance to work with him again.


Beau Lotto has been resident in the Science Museum for the past year. He has created a lab and a series of programmes that is like no other; it's not too far from the truth to describe his time here as like having a Renaissance man in our midst – Beau blends art, science, curiosity, illusion and music to entertain children, adults and scientists alike. The programmes that the studio have put together with the Museum are also truly inspirational and life-enhancing... I believe that our visitors will be strongly influenced and inspired by Beau and the Lab, and our mission must be to get as many people exposed to this opportunity as we can.

London Science Museum


Beau Lotto

Deviate: The Science of Seeing Differently

Perception is the foundation of human experience, but few of us understand how our own senses work. By revealing the startling truths about the brain and perception, he shows that the next big innovation is not a new technology: it's a new way of seeing.

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Beau Lotto

Why We See What We Do Redux

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Beau Lotto

Why We See What We Do

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