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Ben Renshaw

Global leadership expert specialising in purpose-led cultures

Ben Renshaw is a global leadership expert specialising in purpose-led cultures. Ben’s focus on authentic leadership and high-performance is linked by his inspirational ‘purpose’ approach utilised by world-class companies. He is an engaging and inspiring keynote speaker, who transports his audience’s thinking beyond what they first thought was possible.

Ben has written 8 popular books inspiring people to be the best version of themselves including “Purpose: Why leading with purpose drives your success”, “Lead: Be inspired, inspire others” and “SuperCoaching: The missing ingredient for high performance”.  In Purpose, Ben provides insights on how people can reach new levels of meaning, performance and how to accelerate growth whilst, in Lead he explains how in 50 concise steps you can accelerate leadership development in meaningful ways.

To learn more about Ben, listen to his podcast here

As a keynote speaker, Ben has designed and delivered presentations to major corporate brands including BT – “Agile Business & Balanced Life”, IHG – “Fit for Purpose”, M&S – “The Successful Leader”, Shell International – “Winning Teams” and Zurich – “SuperCoaching”

Ben Renshaw runs senior leadership development programmes with global organisations designed to build leadership capability to deliver the company strategy.  He has provided executive coaching programmes for top leaders worldwide focusing on areas including career success, promotions, transitions, leadership development, stakeholder management and high performing teams.  Great companies succeed in today’s complex and competitive environment by developing great teams. Team Coaching creates an environment conducive to focusing on vision, priorities and agreeing on ways of working. It enables people to understand the real drivers behind why people do what they do, to align with future opportunities and to deepen relationships to help the team enjoy sustainable success.

Ben Renshaw has been a spokesperson for many national campaigns on happiness, relationships and wellbeing including Boots, Kodak, P&G, Unilever and Vodafone. He was the relationship expert for C4 award-winning programme Perfect Match. Other television appearances have included Newsnight, BBC News, Richard & Judy, GMTV and the Open University.

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Authentic Leadership

Being authentic is the foundation for successful leadership. However, most leaders lack the necessary self-awareness to be who they really are on a consistent basis. As a consequence, leaders might think they are being the best version of themselves, but in reality there is a gap between how they see themselves and how others experience them. This gap is a risk because the primary way to truly engage and inspire others is through building strong emotional connection based on authenticity.

Lead with Purpose

This talk inspires leaders to lift up from their complex, fast paced and uncertain world to help define their ultimate purpose.  Most leaders operate on autopilot with a tendency to repeat habits which can undermine the very outcomes they are trying to achieve.  It’s only when they discover their big why that they can become purpose-led and able to formulate a roadmap to guide them in the direction they want to travel.

Resilient Leadership

The new world of work demands cheaper, better, faster. There is too much to do and not enough time. Resource is scarce and it appears we don’t have the capacity to deliver. In this reality leaders need to develop new muscles to have the necessary resilience to bounce back and flourish. Leaders need to become corporate athletes where they build new muscle memory physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually to succeed.

Sustainable Leadership

The responsibility of a leader today is to deliver growth in a sustainable way. This means leaders need to focus on 4 key areas: community, workplace, economy and the environment. Most leaders tend to operate within a limited sphere of influence. The talk challenges leaders to stretch their thinking, knowledge and behaviour to have the right capability to drive sustainable growth in their organisation. It will ignite passion for becoming better leaders to create a better world.

Connected Leadership

Leadership is relationship. Great relationships create great results. The problem is that the majority of leaders place task before investing in building strong connections with others. New research in neuroscience shows that we are wired to connect. We have neural mirrors that respond to the signals we send. Trust can be measured. Alignment can be evidenced. Leaders need to develop strong connections and networks to be successful.

Agile Leadership

We live in disruptive times. AI. Automation. The Gig Economy. To succeed as a leader in this volatile climate it is essential to develop your learning agility which will enable you to navigate this challenging landscape. Agile leadership encourages leaders to seek out new experiences to learn from, thrive on complex problems and perform better because they incorporate new skills into their repertoire.

Ben has played an important role in shaping many of the great leaders we have in the business today. On a personal note he has supported my leadership journey as CEO and I fully recommend his approach for leaders wanting to maximise their potential.

CEO InterContinental Hotels Group PLC

Heathrow is on a journey to transform our passenger service inspired by our purpose, Making Every Journey Better. Ben has been a key partner developing our senior leaders and he has been a key partner in the great work we have done.

CEO Heathrow

Ben’s work on purpose is a call to arms to reinforce humanity in the workplace and follow what matters most

CEO Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen Inc.

Having worked with Ben over the years I wholeheartedly recommend his approach at making purpose accessible to leaders across different sectors and organisations.

Chairman Kingfisher PLC


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What is your purpose? This is probably the single most important question you can ask and your answer will shape your future. However, it’s not straightforward. We are led to believe that our purpose is connected with how much we achieve, the accumulation

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Lead!Be Inspired. Inspire Others

Inspiration is the heart and soul of leadership. It is the number 1 factor that everyone is looking for in leaders. It is also the biggest challenge of leadership because in order to inspire others you need to be inspired yourself.

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Super Coaching

In our complex world it’s critical to be able to think fast, be resilient, adapt your approach and achieve outstanding results. Coaching is a vital mindset and skillset to master to get the best out of yourself and others. SuperCoaching shows you how.

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